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Wild Time: a theatrical novel at Birkbeck

Venue: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square

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Artists Rose Biggin and Keir Cooper discuss their genre-defying punk prose rendition of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, and its vivid repurposing of narratives of pleasure and power. 

WILD TIME is a genre-defying punk prose rendition of Shakespeare’s Dream, vividly repurposing its narratives of pleasure and power. From the wellspring of one of the most performed plays in the world, new ideas run riot - taking liberties with Greek gods and literary idols like nothing is sacred. It’s funny, it’s sexy, it’s LGBTQ+ and has featured in the Guardian’s ‘Hottest front-room seats’ and Lyn Gardner’s Pick of the Week. Join the makers in conversation with a special guest host from the Birkbeck faculty, talking all things fiction, fidelity and funny business. If you want to read the book beforehand, Surface Press are offering a special Birkbeck Arts Week price of £5. You can enjoy the conversation either way, but it is a steal. You can get that here:

Rose Biggin and Keir Cooper are artists living in London. Rose’s short fiction has been published by Jurassic London, Abaddon Books and Egaeus Press, and made the recommended reading list for Best of British Fantasy. She is an Associate Lecturer in Creative Writing at Birkbeck and her new novel is forthcoming from Ghost Orchid Press. Keir’s work in theatre includes a punk adaptation of Don Quijote (Guardian****, Time Out Critics’ Choice) and Republica: queer flamenco-theatre on the Spanish Revolution, and his new operatic project Star Quality is forthcoming in 2023. Their collaborations together also include a live poledance and guitar theatrework, a series of micro-fictions for a chamber music trio, and a new theatrical novel supported by Arts Council England.

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