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Book Launch: Thinking Home: Interdisciplinary Dialogues

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building, Malet Street

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Thinking Home (Bloomsbury, 2018), edited by Sanja Bahun (Essex) and Bojana Petrić (Birkbeck), challenges and extends existing scholarship on the subject of 'home', in a period that has seen unprecedented levels of movement across the globe.

Sanja Bahun and Bojana Petrić have collated essays that revisit existing ideas to introduce new ways of thinking on home, from the individual and local, through communal, to the international levels. While home informs our feelings of belonging and displacement, and our activities, such as migration, housing, and language learning, Bahun, Petrić and contributors look to specific under-studied areas and encompass them within a major framework that allows for assessment through multiple disciplinary and expressive lenses. Thinking Home examines examples such as temporary homes, homes on the road, new and emergent modes of home-making, and minority groups in home and housing debates.

Fresh, timely and topical, Thinking Home both challenges and extends the existing scholarship on this subject. This collection combines perspectives of aesthetics, anthropology, cultural and literary studies, law, linguistics, philosophy, sociology, psychoanalysis, political science and activist responses in one whole. 

About the event

The book launch will include an introduction by Professor Rosie Cox (Birkbeck) and a panel discussion with the editors, Sanja Bahun (Essex) and Bojana Petrić (Birkbeck), and contributors. Speakers include Biljana Golubović & Dragan Dragin (artists, Prague, Czech Republic), Lily Hunter Green (artist, currently artist in residence at Birkbeck), Susan Samata (Sheffield), and Charlotte Weinberg (Safe Ground, an arts/educational charity working with prisoners). The discussion will be followed by a Q&A session and a reception.

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