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Law On Trial - Down We Go Together: Law, The Pandemic and Critical Thinking

Venue: Online

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This panel brings together response to the COVID-19 crisis from scholars in Brazil, Colombia and the UK. It is organised around the key question: how is it possible to think the crisis that we are living through? What new horizons does thinking about the pandemic open up? Are the existing ways of framing ‘the human being’ adequate to our troubled times? What new vocabularies, and ideas are required to plot the changing terrains defined by the pandemic - a question made particularly acute by the intensifying civil unrest in Colombia. Is this the first pre-revolutionary situation provoked by the pandemic? The panel aims to generate ideas to think across jurisdictions and traditions. The grounding assumption is that – at very least - the pandemic requires us to expansive and engage critical thinking.

Law On Trial - Law, Pandemic And Crisis

Law On Trial is the School of Law’s annual week of free, public events around a particular theme.

This year we explore law’s response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, and how the pandemic has left a lasting effect on various aspects of our society including the Black Lives Matter movement, global concerns with racist policing, climate protests and insurrection in Colombia. Find out more and book your place at the week's events.

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  • Dr Oscar Guardiola-Rivera -

    Dr Oscar Guardiola-Rivera is a Professor of Human Rights and Political Philosophy in the Department of Law at Birkbeck. They will be discussing 'A Lexicon for Protest'.

  • Prof Adam Gearey -

    Professor Adam Gearey is a Professor of Law in the Department of Law at Birkbeck. They will be the Chair of this event.

  • Professor Bethania Assy -

    Professor Bethania Assy is a Professor of the Philosophy of Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and Rio de Janiero State University. They will be discussing 'COVID-19: An Ethics of Resilient Cohabitation'.

  • Professor Fernanda Frizzo-Bragato -

    Professor Fernanda Frizzo-Bragato is a Professor of Law at the Unisinos Law School. They will be discussing 'The Struggle for Land: How Can Indigenous Peoples Save Us?'

  • Professor Juan Felipe Garcia Arboleda -

    Professor Juan Felipe Garcia Arboleda is the Head of Department at the 
    Department of Philosophy and History of Law, Pontifical Universidad Javeriana.

  • Professor Juliana Neuenschwander Magalhaes -

    Professor Juliana Neuenschwander Magalhães is a Professor of Legal Theory at the Departamento de Teoria do Direito - FND/UFRJ. They will be discussing 'The Sovereignty of the Virus'.