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'Can you hear me?' Online interviewing for moving-image based research Session 3

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‘Can you hear me?’

Online interviewing for moving-image based research

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Session 3

As life moved online in spring 2020, those of us engaged in research filmmaking scrambled to find ways of conducting remote interviews. Since then the visual format of video conferencing platforms has become ubiquitous on TV news and social media, and in our personal lives. There are advantages in the instant studio provided by these platforms, which offer recording via webcams and built-in microphones, and allow us to connect with interviewees with no travel or equipment-hire costs. But there are also aesthetic, phenomenological and practical issues to unpack. 

These sessions offer a forum for filmmakers and practice-based researchers to discuss their experiences of online interviewing and establish an appropriate skillset for its use going forward. 

Session 3 - Interview skills

Friday May 14th, 2021, 13 - 14

How to conduct a good interview? Documentary filmmaker Megumi Inman gives a seminar in how to prepare for interviews, how to work with rapport in remote settings, and what kind of questions provoke useful answers.

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