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Murray Seminar: Provenance Matters: the Acquisition of Venetian Renaissance Art in Northern Europe between the Wars - Sarah Ferrari

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This paper sheds new light on the dynamics of the European art market between the First and Second World Wars by investigating a group of paintings acquired by the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Sweden, between 1917 and 1954. This group includes works attributed to Jacopo Tintoretto, Titian, Andrea Schiavone and Paolo Veronese, some of which were once part of the celebrated collection of Queen Christina of Sweden (1626-1689). As part of a joint project dedicated to the collection of Italian paintings of the Nationalmuseum, this research aims to offer a detailed account of both documentary sources, and material aspects. Furthermore, it will bring new information on the network of collectors and dealers involved (Julius Böhler in Munich, Adolph Thiem in Sanremo and Berlin, Axel Beskow in Sweden and the US), while at the same time analyzing the role of national identity as a driving force in the context of these acquisitions.

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