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Sci/Film Screening: The Development of Gender

Venue: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square

No booking required

The Sci/Film series hosted by the Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Image (BIMI) and the School of Science has the broad aim of stimulating scientific thinking and debate through the arts. The Sci/Film series will screen films in which science, scientific discoveries, and the topics of scientific enquiry are represented (or misrepresented). Experts in related scientific areas will lead a discussion after each film about the ideas, themes and societal implications of how film represents science.


Ma Vie en Rose

Alain Berliner, Belgium/France/UK, 1997, 88 minutes.

Birkbeck Cinema

Friday June 23rd of June, 2017; 18:00-21:00

Host: Dr. Teodora Gliga

Discussants: Dr. Bonnie Auyeung

This Sci/Film screening will focus on the fascinating question of sex and gender as social categories and how transgenderism is portrayed in the movies. Alain Berliner's beautiful and life-affirming film, Ma Vie en Rose (1997) follows young Ludovic as she comes out to her family as a transgender girl and tries to overcomes the obstacles this creates in her repressed French suburb. The movie deals with the idea of a mismatch between anatomical and psychological boundaries between genders from the child's perspective and will provide a perfect grounding for the work of our guest, Dr. Bonnie Auyeung (University of Edinburgh). Dr. Auyeung is a developmental psychologist interested in understanding how early biological and environmental factors affect the psychological manifestation of gender, later in life. Bonnie was part of the team that pioneered the study of pre-natal hormonal influences on cognitive and brain development, and is now studying the role of a post-natal phenomenon occurring in the first year of life and called, intriguingly, the 'mini puberty'.

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The Sci/Film series is funded by a Wellcome Trust ISSF (Institutional Strategic Support Fund) public engagement grant. BIMI is funded by four schools at Birkbeck: the School of Arts, the School of Law, the School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy, and the School of Science. The University of Pittsburgh is also a partner and co-funder.

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