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Essay Film Festival Prelude 1: Videoletters. Stephen Dwoskin + Robert Kramer

Venue: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square

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Video Letters
Stephen Dwoskin + Robert Kramer, France, 1991, Bétacam SP
Tickets £5.00

Introduced by film historian and Kramer expert Bernard Eisenschitz


In the first Essay Film Festival Prelude we present the rarely screened series of video letters exchanged between the filmmakers Robert Kramer and Stephen Dwoskin made between February and June 1991.

Steve Dwoskin on the video letters "It was more like writing, in that you didn't have to involve anyone else in it. Not including editing was again like doing a written letter you don't really edit your letters when you write to friends so the idea was simply to just do whatever we could in the camera."

Robert Kramer on the video letters 'I used to spend a lot of time thinking about the letter, and where to start and how to do it. I would plan this whole thing out. There's a lot of that feeling which does merge film and performance. I like the tension that's in that situation and try and work it all out physically. It's another way of thinking about mise en scene.'

Supported by Documentaire sur grand écran and LUX Artists Moving Image.

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