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A World in Crisis: Climate Change, Violence, Demography and the Global Economy

Venue: External

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This is the workshop week staff debate in the Birkbeck Department of Politics. It is also open to alumni.

'A World in Crisis: Climate Change, Violence, Demography and the Global Economy'

Staff debate with Alex Colas, Aideen Foley, Ali Guven, Eric Kaufmann and David Styan. Chaired by Deborah Mabbett.

The ongoing political turmoil in Brazil and Turkey is symptomatic of local and regional crises within and around many of the emerging powers in the Global South. With no clear end to the wars in the greater Middle East, and unequal and uneven development still prevalent across many parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America, the world seems to be facing a period of continuous uncertainty. If we add to this the intractable crisis of climate change and the predicted population growth of our planet to 11 billion by the end of the century, a sense of impending doom appears hard to avoid. A panel of Politics faculty, joined by our Geography colleague Aideen Foley, will address these and related issues through the prisms of international security, political economy, environmental politics and political demography. Drawing one their teaching and research expertise in these areas, they will analyse the dynamics and extent of these various crises, and debate the prospects of a more optimistic future.

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