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Digital accessibility enhancement roadmap and related sites and services

Birkbeck College runs a wide variety of websites and it is important to us that our websites and services are as widely accessible as possible.

This roadmap describes our approach to this work for and related sites and services, and is complementary to our Accessibility Statement.

Completed activities

Spring 2017

  • We enabled the Recite Me accessibility toolbar on our public-facing website.
  • We developed and implemented a responsive template on our public-facing website.

Spring 2019

  • We created a Digital Accessibility Working Group to drive policy and best practice.

Spring 2020

  • We changed our main font on the public-facing website to improve accessibility.

Summer 2020

  • We created standards and guidelines for online self-service applications, web pages and teaching materials. These included:
    • Word documents
    • PDFs
    • Power Points
    • Video and audio content.
  • We launched a Teaching Preparation Project, to help academic staff to prepare accessible online materials.
  • We moved our enquiry management system (Ask) and the majority of My Birkbeck and public-facing forms into an accessible theme.

Autumn 2020

Ongoing activities

  • Continue to migrate web pages from an unresponsive template to responsive template.
  • Continue to brief and train staff and students with an overview of digital accessibility regulations.
  • Update remaining forms to accessible template (with a focus on most used).
  • Audit use of PDFs and plan for improvements.
  • Monthly accessibility reviews and maintenance of public-facing website.
  • Training and guidance for Sharepoint site owners and comprehensive accessibility check of Sharepoint sites before they are published.

Future activities

  • Audit of existing videos.
  • Investigate more effective ways to provide audio description.
  • Investigate adding ReciteMe accessibility toolbar to My Birkbeck and public-facing forms more widely.
  • Plan and prioritise activities for internal, staff-facing systems.