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Our staff

staff categories

These are our Birkbeck staff categories within the Department of Psychological Sciences. 

Head of Department 

Deputy Head of Department (Research and Postgraduate)

Deputy Head of Department (Learning, Teaching and Undergraduate)

Academic Staff 

Honorary Research and Teaching staff 

  • , Emeritus Reader: Dr Barber's research interests include: cognitive skills, interference effects, human error, dual task performance, video-mediated communication and visibility. Publications (BIROn)
  • Dr Helen Barrett, Honorary Research Fellow
  • Dr Martin Frost, Honorary Research Fellow
  • Dr Vernon Gregg, Honorary Research Fellow
  • Dr Amanda Holmes, Honorary Research Fellow
  • Dr Aleksander AKksentijevic, Honorary Research Fellow
  • Dr Charles Lewis, Honorary Research Fellow
  • Dr Alastair Leyland, Honorary Research Fellow, Health and Lived Experience (HALE)
  • Professor William Marslen-Wilson, Honorary Visiting Professor
  • Dr Richard Poulton, Honorary Research Fellow, Health and Lived Experience (HALE)
  • Dr Stuart Rusby, Honorary Teaching Fellow
  • Dr Paul Wilson, Honorary Research Fellow

Research fellows 

Emeritus staff

  • Professor Jacqueline Barnes: Professor Emerita of Human Development
    • Professor Barnes has devoted her life to improving developmental outcomes for children from deprived or challenging backgrounds. Her research has focused on environmental and community influences on parenting and child development, which has been immensely influential in forming policy in the UK and beyond. Her research has also focussed on how various social, physical and psychological problems affect parenting such as homelessness, breast cancer, artificial insemination and eating disorders. 
    • View Professor Jacqueline Barnes’ publications on BiRon.
  • Professor Edward (Ted) Melhuish: Professor Emeritus of Human Development
    • Professor Melhuish studies social and communicative development from birth to adulthood, including the effect of environmental factors. He is interested in early education and care, parenting, child poverty and disadvantage, and child development and social policy. He has devoted much of his life to theoretically driven research to produce improvements in development and well-being in areas such as the development of pre-term babies, children of psychiatrically disturbed parents, social, linguistic and cognitive development, emergent literacy, and early childhood education and care and the evaluation of policy initiatives.
    • View Professor Edward Melhuish's publications on BiRon.

Visiting Professors

  • Professor Robert Leech
    • Robert Leech was named a Visiting Professor at the Department of Psychological Sciences and Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development at Birkbeck in autumn 2020. He is Professor of Neuroimaging Analytics in the Neuroimaging Department at Kings College London. Professor Leech obtained his PhD from Birkbeck Psychological Sciences in 2004 and continued as a postdoctoral fellow until 2008, when he moved to Imperial College London as a lecturer. He actively collaborates with a number of academic staff in the department on developmental and adult EEG and MRI projects. Professor Leech has made important contributions to our understanding of brain network function and has developed novel tools for efficiently estimating neural response preferences in an unbiased manner.
    • View Professor Leech's full publications list

Research assistants and Officers: Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development

Academic advice and learning support 

Professional and support staff 

      • Psychology office:
        • Naomi Adams, Postgraduate Assistant School Manager
        • Ida Akhtar, Postgraduate Administrator - Postgraduate Team
        • Anita Bailyes, Postgraduate Administrative Assistant - Postgraduate Team
        • Yvonne Ng, Undergraduate Assistant School Manager
        • BSc Psychology with Accelerated Foundation Year (full-time) BSc Route 1A Administrator - Undergraduate Team - to be appointed.
        • BA/Foundation Degree (FdSc) in Psychology for Education Professionals Administrator - Undergraduate Team - to be appointed.
        • , Senior Administrator - Undergraduate Team
      • Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development Office:

Impact officer

Technical staff