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Our research

Our academics engage with major contemporary challenges to do with the state of democracy, environmental issues, migration and other sources of international tensions. We undertake scholarly research on topical issues and disseminate it widely through blogs and events as well as through academic outlets. Our research is closely linked to our teaching, and many of our students work in sectors which we engage with in our research.

The department has two main research clusters:

  • British Politics and Public Policy: Our work in this area ranges from impactful research on gender equality in Parliament through to engagement with complex public policy issues such as financial regulation. Our specialists on EU and international politics explore Britain’s relationship with the EU and beyond. The Centre for British Political Life provides a focal point for much of this research.
  • International Politics and International Political Economy: Our contributions in this wide field include leading studies on the governance of the sea and the technology of war. The Population, Environment and Resources group brings together research in political demography, geopolitics, climate change and food politics.


Our academics, researchers and MPhil/PhD students work together via research centres, networks, groups and societies. These cut across departments, subjects and areas of expertise, to encourage and enable innovative, interdisciplinary research.


Our key partners have included the Centre for Research ArchitecturePolicy Exchange, the British International Studies Association, and the Peltz Gallery

Many of our key events are audio recorded and we invite students and faculty to blog on them. Some of the Centre activities have resulted in books like Food, Politics and Society or journal special issues. 

Discover our population environment and resources blogs, as well as two of our most prominent blogs: Sharing Activism and The Food of Spain.