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Research students

Student nameStudent programmeSupervisor(s)Thesis titles
Norah Al-AbdallahComparative LiteratureDr John WalkerMagical Realism: A Cultural Critique of Islamic and Western Representations in Contemporary
Hessa AlshahraniApplied Linguistics ResearchJean-Marc DewaeleThe changing perceptions of nonverbal greetings by Saudi sojourners in English-speaking countries
Maria Placencia
Catherine AngersonGerman Dr Alexander WeberLiterary networks and the reception of German literature in Britain, 1750-1810.
Javier ArenasIberian and Latin American StudiesProfessor Carmen FracchiaRodrigo de Borgia's Patronage 
Dr Robert Maniura
Samuel BamonteApplied Linguistics ResearchLisa Mcentee-AtalianisStancetaking, persona style and discourses of professionalism in the local negotiation of professional identity among further education lecturers
Bojana Petric
Antonia Bedford-BrotchieGerman Dr Alexander WeberThe reception of Niklas von Zinzendorf in 18th century England.
Paula Best German Dr Alexander WeberThe exchange of concepts of education between Germany and Britain 1800 to 1850.
Adriana Blaj-JackFrenchDr Damian CataniGuy de Maupassant.
Francis BrehenyApplied Linguistics ResearchMarjorie LorchThe Life, work and educational ideas of Robert Hebert Quick (1831 – 1891) with a particular focus upon his contribution to modern language learning pedagogy and his 1872 meta-perspective of the field of language learning methodology
Bojana Petric
Serena CeniccolaComparative LiteratureDr Marcos Centeno Martin“We’re by-products of the mid-twentieth century”: memory, tradition, and hybridity in Japanese North American literature.
Professor Martin Eve
Leonard DalyComparative LiteratureProfessor Akane KawakamiA False Paradise: Exploring the Theme of Disillusionment with the European Dream in 21 Century Literature
Dr Nathalie Wourm
Claire DaviesIberian and Latin American StudiesDr Mari-Paz Balibrea EnriquezA Study of the concept of home ownership within Spain from 1950s to the present day as represented within specific cultural artefacts.
Elena DeyApplied Linguistics ResearchJean-Marc DewaeleStrategies that Russian-English Bilinguals Use to Express Two Non-Equivalent Antithetical Expressions Using the Other Language
Lisa Mcentee-Atalianis
Frederico DuarteIberian and Latin American StudiesProfessor Luciana Martins'Our poor, beautiful and culturally rich country': the contemporary challenge of Brazilian design.
Rosa Dyer Iberian and Latin American StudiesProfessor Luciana MartinsBiocultural knowledge, power and poetics in South American featherwork.
Dr Laura van Broekhoven (Pitt Rivers Museum)
Michelle EnusonIberian and Latin American StudiesProfessor Carmen FracchiaBlack Embodiment, Cultural Violence and the Salvation of African Slaves in Early Modern Spain.
Erica Faleiro-RodriguesIberian and Latin American StudiesDr Luis TrindadeSpanish research 
Claudia FigueiredoIberian and Latin American StudiesDr Luis TrindadeThe Struggle on Stage: theatre, proletarian cultures and social emancipation in Lisbon, 1890-1926.
Hilary FureyIberian and Latin American StudiesProfessor Carmen FracchiaThe Formation of National Identity: Gregorio Vázquez de Arce y Ceballos (1638-1711) and the Capilla del Sagrario in Nueva Granada.

Dolores Galindo

Iberian and Latin American StudiesDr John KraniauskasActivism and Subversion of Genre in Mexican Performance Art.

Catarina Gancho Fontoura

Iberian and Latin American StudiesProfessor Luciana MartinsPicturing Mato Grosso, 1967-69: Expeditionary Science and Salvage Fieldwork.
Virginia GroverApplied Linguistics ResearchPenelope Gardner-ChlorosMultilingual Practices: Style, Stance and Generational Identities in Western India
Lisa Mcentee-Atalianis
Malwina GudowskaApplied Linguistics ResearchJean-Marc DewaeleMultilingual Mothering
Marjorie Lorch
Pauline HarrisFrench Dr Damian CataniRaw Writing: Truth and Treachery in the Novels of Sorj Chalandon.
Mayu HandfordApplied Linguistics ResearchRachelle VesseyGendered Identities in Popular Music: A Corpus-based Discourse Analysis of Song lyrics in the UK and Japan
Marjorie Lorch
James HemsleyIberian and Latin American StudiesDr Luis TrindadeThe Transition From Dictatorship To Democracy: Changes And Continuities; Causes & Consequences.
Meltem IlkanApplied Linguistics ResearchJean-Marc DewaeleAn investigation of pronunciation-specific cognition of pre-service LX English Teachers
Bojana Petric
Marytka JablkowskaFrench Dr Ann LewisThe perception of Voltaire and Rousseau in 18c Poland.
Pritha KejriwalIberian and Latin American Studies Dr John KraniauskasAn object-oriented inquiry into Pablo Neruda’s Odas Elementales.
Baraa KhuderApplied Linguistics ResearchBojana PetricScience in exile: EAL academic literacies development of established Syrian academics
Lisa Mcentee-Atalianis
Hannah KingApplied Linguistics ResearchJean-Marc DewaeleCosmopolitan London: Transnational identities and multilingual conversational practices within an international Spanish language group
Lisa Mcentee-Atalianis
Woralan KongpolphromApplied Linguistics ResearchZhu Hua
Lisa Mcentee-Atalianis
Joao LaiaIberian and Latin American Studies Dr Luis TrindadeHistoricising moving image practices in Portugal.
Lesley LavingtonFrench Dr Stephen Goddard, Oxford (external supervisor)The treatment of certain themes from the Classical world in the work of the Parnassian poets.
Elisabeth LeglGerman Dr Alexander WeberGerman Baroque writers and visual art.
Pui Yin LeungApplied Linguistics ResearchJean-Marc Dewaele

Inner speech and study abroad: a longitudinal study on Chinese students in
English-speaking countries at tertiary level

Jia Lou
Pernelle LoretteApplied Linguistics ResearchJean-Marc DewaeleDo you see and/or hear and/or understand how I feel? Cross-linguistic and cross-cultural perception of a Chinese speaker’s emotional state in different modalities
Li Wei
Maria Maestre FernandezIberian and Latin American Studies Dr John KraniauskasAn Interdisciplinary Mapping of Roberto Bolaño's Territory: Maps, Photography, Films, and Bolaño's Mexican Novels.
Sharona MoskowitzApplied Linguistics ResearchJean-Marc DewaeleThe influence of student perception of teacher emotional intelligence and happiness on foreign language learning
Bojana Petric
Mariana MilleccoIberian and Latin American Studies Professor Luciana MartinsWomen at The Maias romance, a visual and cultural journey from the nineteenth century literature to the modern audio-visual.
Dr Ana Cláudia Suriani (UCL)
Andrew NashGerman Dr Alexander WeberFriedrich Gundolf (1880-1931) and German Baroque Literature.
Mohammed NeddarApplied Linguistics ResearchMaria PlacenciaGreetings and leave-takings in Algerian Arabic with a focus on gender variation
Jean-Marc Dewaele
Michael Aidan PopeIberian and Latin American Studies Professor Carmen FracchiaProselytizing Empires: The Many Conversions of the Iberian Atlantic, 1479-1668
Kerry PurcellComparative Literature Dr Damian CataniAlain Badiou and the site of militant history.
Nilma RamsahyeApplied Linguistics ResearchZhu HuaDoing cultural fit in Job Interviews: The Challenge of Diversity in Recruitment Practices
Lisa Mcentee-Atalianis
Peter RayApplied Linguistics ResearchBojana Petric
Jean-Marc Dewaele
Carlos Reyes ManzoIberian and Latin American Studies Dr John KraniauskasResidence in the Circle of Fire: the cognitive mapping of the idea at the intersection of poetry and photography.
Sara SantosIberian and Latin American Studies Professor Carmen FracchiaNotions and representations of Spanish royal Habsburg women in the Descalzas Reales (Madrid).
Louise SeddonGerman Professor Joanne LealLiterary engagements with the evolution of German Identity as portrayed in German literature from the post World War II until the present day.
Dr John Walker
Catherine ShawComparative LiteratureDr Nicolette DavidSublime Wealth: What We Fear & Revere in the Anthropocene.
Janice ShersbyGerman Professor Joanne LealPublic and private worlds: ‘Islands’ in post-GDR literature.
Lucy TallentireGerman Professor Joanne LealOf Woman Mothered: Motherhood, Memory and Identity in 21st Century German Women’s Literature.
Michael ThompsonFrench ResearchDr Damian CataniWhatever happened to the Catholic novel? An analysis of the work of three contemporary French women writers influenced by faith.
Professor Akane Kawakami
Codruta TudoracheIberian and Latin American Studies Dr Mari Paz BalibreaThe impact of the Spanish Civil War on contemporary art as an expression of the attitude of the new generations towards past conflicts through postmemory process.
Michela ValmoriComparative LiteratureDr Nicolette DavidRepresentation of domestic relations, gender violence and women’s roles evolution in the Italian American literary production
Dalila VillellaFrench Research Professor Akane KawakamiRhizomatic writings as a way to politically engage in 21st poetry.
Dr Nathalie Wourm
Emma WaltersApplied Linguistics ResearchPenelope Gardner-ChlorosSemantic innocation and grammaticalization of loanword type in colloquial Hindi
Jia Lou
Trevor WornhamIberian and Latin American Studies ResearchProfessor Carmen FracchiaMale beauty in the paintings of Diego Rodríquez de Silva y Velázquez and Jusepe de Ribera in imperial Spain.
Kexin YouApplied Linguistics ResearchHua Hua
Fengzhi ZhaoApplied Linguistics ResearchJia LouLanguage, Space and Cosmopolital Identity in Contemporary Shanghai
Hua Hua
Heba ArafahIntegrated PhD in Applied LinguisticsJean-Marc DewaeleMultilinguals' Language Choices and Perceptions in the UK: Evidence of Linguistic Discrimination since the Brexit Referendum Vote
Mohammed Ateek
Julia BensonIntegrated PhD in Applied LinguisticsMarjorie LorchSocial communication in Autistic Adolescents 
Jean-Marc Dewaele
Maha El-FarhanIntegrated PhD in Applied LinguisticsJia LouLanguage Emplacement, Meaning-Making & The Sense of Public Space. An Examination of Activism Signage in Bloomsbury’s Linguistic Landscape
Jean-Marc Dewaele
Alasdair McLellanIntegrated PhD in Applied LinguisticsMarjorie LorchDefining and classifying emblems: An analysis of La Mimica degli Antichi Investigata nel Gestire Napoletano by Andrea de Jorio (1832)
Zuzana RozsypalovaIntegrated PhD in Applied LinguisticsJia LouThe discursive construction of the City of London: A study of multimodal represesntations of urban history
Jean-Marc Dewaele
Elizabeth ShepherdIntegrated PhD in Applied LinguisticsLisa Mcentee-AtalianisExploring the role of meso agency in the language policy context of Vietnam
Bojana Petric
Enrico BuonauraIntegrated PhD Intercultural CommunicationZhu HuaCultural Identity stances in Small Talk interactions: what Italian PhD students in London's academia do in the workplace
Lisa McEntee-Atalianis
Ghadah AlhodaifIntegrated PhD TESOLBojana PetricThe impact of teaching practice (TP) on student teachers' beliefs about teaching EFL reading: the case of pre-service (PRESET) trainees in KSA
Marjorie Lorch
Sally CookIntegrated PhD TESOLJean-Marc DewaeleExploring the role of multilingualism in the therapeutic journey of survivors of torture and human trafficking
Giovanna Iannaco
Alvaro Acosta CorteNew Route PhD in Applied LinguisticsThomas MortonSystemic Functional Linguistics and proactive Focus on Form as tools to analyse and foster the acquisition of causal language in CLIL / Bilingual Education
Jean-Marc Dewaele
Oleksandra ShaitanNew Route PhD in Applied LinguisticsLisa Mcentee-AtalianisMixed-race identity in the context of Japan. Labels and categorization
Bojana Petric
Emina TuzovicNew Route PhD in Applied LinguisticsMarjorie LorchVisual Word Recognition in Arabic Learners of English
Jean-Marc Dewaele
Fatema AlhalwachiNew Route PhD in CommunicationLisa Mcentee-AtalianisNarratives of Infertile Muslim Women: The Construction of Personal and Socio-Cultural Identities in Weblogs
Bojana Petric
Chieri NodaNew Route PhD Intercultural CommunicationZhu Hua
Bojana Petric
Negar Ahmad Khosravi ChoghakhorNew Route PhD TESOLZhu HuaPragmatic Judgement of Compliments (Ta'arof) in Persian-English Bilinguals
Jia Lou