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Our research students

Student nameStudent programmeSupervisor(s)Thesis title
Samantha BrummageArchaeology ResearchLesley McfadyenShifting the scales of analysis and bridging chronological boundaries in Mesolithic-Neolithic landscapes: spectrums of practice and occupation in the Colne and Nene Valleys
Ilaria BucciArchaeology ResearchJennifer BairdScratching the Suface: A comparative Analysis of the Graffiti from Hatra, North Iraq
Edyta CehakArchaeology ResearchLesley McfadyenPutting Things in Place: A Material Culture Approach to the Study of Early Neolithic Houses in Britain and Ireland
Robert CowieArchaeology ResearchTimothy ReynoldsA History of London’s Archaeology, 1945–2010
Beth HodgettArchaeology ResearchJennifer BairdOGS Crawford: Life in Photographs, Movements and Materiality in the Archive
  Lesley Mcfadyen 
  Chris Gosden 
  Chris Morton 
Andreas JensenArchaeology ResearchTimothy ReynoldsMiddle Palaeolithic Technological Strategies in the Zagros Mountains
Ma. Myra Grace LaraArchaeology ResearchTimothy ReynoldsUnderstanding modern human population history in Southeast Asia through variation in dental morphology and mortuary practices
Irene LieskArchaeology ResearchHans-Caspar MeyerPreparing and cooking food in Classical Greek houses: negotiation of household tasks, foodways and regional identity
  Jennifer Baird 
Owain MorrisArchaeology ResearchHans-Caspar Meyer‘Ties that bind’: assessing ancient networks in Iron Age Campania
  Christy Constantakopoulou 
Edward ShepherdArchaeology ResearchLesley McfadyenAnimal architecture - an integrated approach to the built environment of the Early Neolithic in Yorkshire
Sidin SunnyArchaeology ResearchRebecca DarleyMedieval obligations: Modelling the role of charity in the Abbasid economy 
Rebekka ValckeArchaeology ResearchJennifer BairdLooking through the cooking pot: identity expression via the study of ceramics. A consumption approach towards a local Vesuvian identity in Roman Pompeii (89 BC - AD 79)
Simon CearnsClassical Archaeology and Ancient History ResearchChristy ConstantakopoulouThe Role of the Thetes in Classical Athens
Katherine CowellClassical Archaeology and Ancient History ResearchRebecca DarleyValens & Theodosius: the role of the imperial office in the expansion of ecclesiastical power, post-Adrianople
Agathi KaradimaClassical Archaeology and Ancient History ResearchHans-Caspar MeyerCave cult in West Greece: The case of Drakaina Cave on Kephallonia
  Christy Constantakopoulou 
John MarleyClassical Archaeology and Ancient History ResearchChristy ConstantakopoulouControl, exchange and communication between Rhodes and the Rhodian Peraia, in 3rd- 2nd century BC
Richard PhillipsClassical Archaeology and Ancient History ResearchChristy ConstantakopoulouThe Nature, Derivation and Use of Soft Power in the Ancient Cyclades
Alexandra RutterfordClassical Archaeology and Ancient History ResearchCatharine EdwardsGreek And Roman Portrait Sculpture In The English Country House (Working Title)
Nicholas SalmonClassical Archaeology and Ancient History ResearchHans-Caspar MeyerBetween Asia and Europe: Mediterranean networks and island identity on Rhodes, 8th to 5th centuries BC
  Christy Constantakopoulou 
  Alexandra Villing (British Museum) 
Stefanie UlrichClassical Archaeology and Ancient History ResearchCatharine EdwardsRemembering the condemned: Memory sanctions as a political measure against Roman Emperors in the third century AD
Andrew ReganClassics ResearchCatharine EdwardsRobert Burton, Sir Thomas Browne, and the Classical Tradition
  Susan Wiseman 
Ian SiderisClassics ResearchBenjamin GrayExile and Hellenism: the ambiguity of identity in Greek literature, ancient and modern
Gonda Van Steen
Alia AlsaqerHistory ResearchJoseph ViscomiHow did the British Empire’s control of the Gulf waterways contribute to the formation of the Arabian Gulf States?
Lee ArnottHistory ResearchMatthew CookConfronting the masculine military ideal: experiences of gay working-class soldiers in the Army since 1960. How did gay soldiers navigate the punitive environment of the Army, an institution at odds with wider societal changes
Michael BarramHistory ResearchJeremy WhiteWhy were labour relations in the Port of London so troubled in the period 1940-1981, and to what extent did the problems in industrial relations contribute to the closing of the upper port?
Sugra BibiHistory ResearchChandak SengooptaSubaltern cultures of remittances and Labour in South Asia
Anne BiggsHistory ResearchKatherine HillReligion and race; a study of renaissance visual culture and inquisitorial trial documents across the Spanish Atlantic
  Carmen Fracchia 
Sarah BirtHistory ResearchBrodie WaddellA Fashionable Business: Mantuamakers, Milliners and Seamstresses in London c. 1670 – 1770
Morwenna BlewettHistory ResearchNikolaus WachsmannUse of Conservation and Restoration under the National Socialist Regime
  Michael Tymkiw (Essex) 
Sue BlunnHistory ResearchDavid FeldmanThe Victorians and sati. I am broadly concerned with establishing the presence, nature and function of discourses on sati in British domestic and imperial socio-political culture c. 1833 -1900
Darren BryantHistory ResearchJeremy WhiteLondon Blitz 1940-1945: An examination into diversity of experiences across the localities of the metropolis
Christopher BudleighHistory ResearchRebecca DarleyThe role of economic rationality in the management of the Byzantine Empire (1080-1204)
Timothy ChamberlainHistory ResearchJulia LovellEmpirical Adventurers: Science and Imperial Exploration in East Tibet, 1900-1949
  Naoko Shimazu 
Nicola ClarkeHistory ResearchBrodie WaddellThe value of Accuracy and Reliability  in seventeenth-century English news sources  1649 – 1685
Amelia CleggHistory ResearchHilary SapireCombat and the Constitution of Middle-Command: Cultures of Leadership of Coldstream Guards Regimental Officers in the South African War (1899-1902)
Guy CollenderHistory ResearchJeremy WhiteAn era of transformation in the port of London, 1900-1930: from confusion and decline to co-ordination and growth
Robert CollinsHistory ResearchOrlando Figes"An Island of Holy Rus” : The Crisis in the Russian Orthodox Diaspora in Britain 1991 - 2009
Aaron ColumbusHistory ResearchVanessa HardingThe intersection of anxiety about plague and fears of social disorder in early modern London
Ann CotterrellHistory ResearchHilary SapireMixed Messages: British Perceptions of Race and Gender through the Lens of Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Activities in Ghana c.1880–1914
Anna CusackHistory ResearchBrodie WaddellThe Marginal Dead of Early Modern London
Ralph DayHistory ResearchMatthew CookA history of lesbian and gay switchboard services in the UK, 1970-2000
Colin Del StrotherHistory ResearchJeremy WhiteWar for the Souls of London: Evangelicals, Secularists and the Metropolitan Poor 1830-1900
Ghena El HaririHistory ResearchFrederick AnscombePolitical Legitimacy through the Control of Mecca
Nicholas EvansHistory ResearchCarmen MangionStagnation or innovation? The work of the Local Government Board and its Medical Department between 1871 and 1919 and its impact on public health in England
  Dora Vargha 
Laurence EytonHistory ResearchJeremy WhiteFreeing London’s Streets: Space and Change in London 1840-1895
Pedro Galvao FerreiraHistory ResearchSarah MarksThe cultural-historical construction of ideas and disciplinarity in discourses on mental health: Attachment Theory and the new age of human development, post-1939
Peter Fifield
Sarah GoldingHistory ResearchSean BradyThe paradox of women’s activism in the Republic of Ireland 1970 - 1989
Satyadev GunputHistory ResearchDavid FeldmanRace and community in Southall 1948-1986
Peter HarringtonHistory ResearchCaroline GoodsonThe Roman Church and Papal Authority 476-604
  Vanessa Harding 
Mary HeffernanHistory ResearchSean BradyIreland & Psychoanalysis 1911-1993
  Sarah Marks 
Christopher HigginsHistory ResearchKatherine HillWomen as agents of cultural exchange through travel, patronage and collecting during the late Elizabethan/ early Stuart period
Zhiqing HuHistory Research Hans van de VanThe Life and Myth of Hu Xueyan: A Study of A Late Qing Merchant and His Revival in Contemporary China
  Julia Lovell 
Jemima JarmanHistory ResearchDavid FeldmanEvangelical missionary activities carried out among the Jewish immigrants of 19th century England: an exploration of their methods, an analysis of the results and an evaluation of its impact
Katie JoiceHistory ResearchDaniel PickThe Empty Frame: Infancy, Mental Illness and the Post-War Visual Imagination 1945-67
Rhys JonesHistory ResearchHilary SapireHow influential was the Indian diaspora in governing British East Africa from 1918 to 1930?
Nicola LambertHistory ResearchJulia LaiteFallen Men: The men involved with fallen women in the Victorian Period
John LawrenceHistory ResearchJulia LovellBritish Hong Kong Beleaguered? Voices of (In)Formal Empire during the Chinese Revolution, 1895-1928
Sarah Lennard-BrownHistory ResearchVanessa HardingAn investigation into the development of the Almshouses of London and their role in lay piety and the relief of poverty 1330-1550
  John Henderson 
Matthew LittlefordHistory ResearchMatthew CookUsing oral history and LGBT archives to assess the impact that Stonewall and OutRage!, London based LGB activist groups believed they had on Britain’s cultural, political, and social environment, between 1988 and 2003
Edmund LyonHistory ResearchSean BradyIrish nationalists in Victorian London, c.1858-c.1891
Annalisa MartinHistory ResearchJulia LaiteProstitution in West Germany, 1945 – 1979 Experiences of control from the garrison towns to the “Eros-Centres”
Jonathan MatfinHistory ResearchJoanna BourkeBirkbeck and the People’s Past: Adult Education and the Social Production of History at Birkbeck College, 1968 - 1989
Zehra MiahHistory ResearchDavid Feldman‘White’ Muslims: Turks in London, 1970-1999
  Julia Laite 
Adeline MoussionHistory ResearchJoanna BourkeViolation, pain and subjectivity. The social uses of trauma and construction of integrity among feminists organisations and rape victims
  Silvia Posocco 
Aidan MullettHistory ResearchSean BradyRethinking the Irish 'Revolution': Religion, Identity and Crises 1912-1923
Victoria MumbyHistory ResearchJessica ReinischThe ‘quiet’ death of the League of Nations
Sean NewmanHistory ResearchSean BradyFor God, Ulster and the ‘B’ Men: A History of the Ulster Special Constabulary, 1920 -  1970
Ciaran O'DonohueHistory ResearchJoanna BourkeBirkbeck and the politics of adult education; 1866-1920
Zeljka OparnicaHistory ResearchFrederick AnscombeJews within and beyond the Jewish mahala in the post-Ottoman Balkans. Sarajevo, Belgrade and Sofia’s production of integration (1878-1918)
  David Feldman 
Gabriella RomanoHistory ResearchSean BradyFascism, psychiatric hospitals and "the treatment"of LGBT men and women in Italy, 1922-1943
  Joanna Bourke 
Elisabeth SaljeHistory ResearchJulian SwannManagement and Mismanagement of the King’s Forests: Social status, professional practice and corruption of mid-ranking forestry officers in the Pyrenean district of Quillan (1670s to 1740s)
Cora SalkovskisHistory ResearchJoanna BourkeTelephones , Electricity, a Mouse and a Weasel’: the Meaning and Lived Experience of Delusions and Hallucinations in British Asylums, c. 1840-1914
Janet TysonHistory ResearchVanessa Harding‘A Curious Herbal’: Elizabeth Blackwell’s historic book as an outgrowth of Scottish immigrant networking and enterprise in eighteenth-century London
  Carmen Mangion 
Jack WatkinsHistory ResearchCaroline GoodsonConstructing collective identity among mobile populations: new towns, assemblies and institutions in the twelfth-century Marche
  Antonio Sennis (UCL) 
  Filippo de Vivo 
Lynette WhiteHistory ResearchJulian SwannRules of informal spaces at the court of Louis XV 1726-1764: the rules of etiquette and social interaction observed in non-public spaces at the court of Louis XV
Emilie WiedemannHistory ResearchDavid FeldmanThe politics of defining anti-Semitism in historical perspective
Yvette Williams ElliottHistory ResearchMatthew CookWorking Class Women and Networks of Public Life in London, 1900-1940
  Alana Harris 
Xu YangHistory ResearchMatthew DaviesEarly Modern London Merchants and the Rules of Business around 1700
  Vanessa Harding 
Emma YappHistory ResearchJoanna BourkePsychiatric evidence in court proceedings for sexual violence survivors: a qualitative study of policy and practice in England and Wales
Rosemary ByfleetHistory ResearchJohn HendersonPerfume at the court of the Grand Ducal Medici (1532-1743): from medical prophylaxis to luxury commodity
Thomas CrippsHistory ResearchHilary SapireLocal politics and regional developments in a Namibian apartheid era Bantustan: Damaraland c. 1960- 1990
Harry O’NeillHistory ResearchKat HillMysticism, Gender, and Psychohistory: Using Psychosocial Approaches to the study of the Strasbourg Prophets
Daniel Pick
Conrad CompagnaHistory ResearchJulia LovellKnowledge and Power on the British Imperial Frontier
Hilary Sapire
Gary JenkinsMedieval and Modern History ResearchVanessa HardingChrist’s Hospital and the Poor of London 1552-1666
Susan KentishMedieval and Modern History ResearchFrederick AnscombeTurning points in Anglo-Ottoman Relations in an Age of Revolutions, 1789 to 1839
John SiblonMedieval and Modern History ResearchJoanna BourkeWar Memory and the construction of hierarchy: representations of black colonial servicemen in the aftermath of the Great War
Nicole AlbrechtMPhil HistoryJessica ReinischThe International History of Interwar Yugoslavia: Nation-Building in an International Community
John CampbellMPhil ArchaeologyJen BairdThe Thames on the eve of Londinium: exploring a Late Iron Age landscape. 
Craig HamblingMPhil HistoryKate FranklinThe Senses and Martial Pedagogy in Giles of Rome’s De Regimine Principum
  Matthew Champion 
Ellis HuddartMPhil HistoryJan RuegerFloating palaces: royal yachts, maritime tours and constructions of monarchy, empire and decolonisation, c. 1875-1997
  Quintin Collville 
Marion Lester-CardMPhil HistoryFrank TrentmannA Battle Between Thrift and Consumption: Post-war Domestic Mending in Britain.
  Jen Baird 
Peter NowellMPhil HistoryMatthew DaviesLost Libraries of London [1200 - 1500]
  Anthony Bale 
Jennifer PutnamMPhil HistoryNik WachsmannIf Walls Could Talk: Wartime Graffiti in Nazi Camps and Ghettos
  Esther Briethoff 
Joseph RedcliffeMPhil HistoryDavid FeldmanThe role of the seamen's boarding house in early black community formation in British port cities, 1894-1939
Denise SumpterPhD ClassicsSerefina CuomoMathematics and Philosophy in Theon of Alexandria’s Commentary on Ptolemy's Almagest
  Catharine Edwards 
Iro TagkalouMPhil Classical Archaeology and Ancient HistoryChristy ConstantakopoulouArmed dance, ritual and sexuality in Classical Antiquity: The role of female and male dancers on vase painting, sculpture and terracotta figurines
  Dimitris Palaiothodoros 
Helen WhiteMPhil HistoryVanessa HardingWealth, community and governance in early Tudor London
Peter WoodMPhil HistoryJulia Laite Non-Citizens: Homelessness, citizenship and the welfare state, 1939-79
Leila SellersMPhil HistoryMatt CookThe Beaumont Society: Trans Cultures, Identities and Everyday Subjectivities, 1966-2004
Allison McKibbanMPhil HistoryJoanna BourkeNo ‘Safety for Indian Women’: Confronting Colonial Violence in the U.S. Violence Against Women Act
Cynthia DennisonMPhil HistorySean BradyTrauma and Emotions in post First World War Ireland: 1916-1927
Clair WalshMPhil ArchaeologyJen BairdWasted London; Rubbish and Recycling from the Romans to the Present