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Our research students

Student nameStudent programmeSupervisor(s)Thesis title
David TrossCommunity, Youth and Voluntary Sector ResearchPaul WattHow do people in the UK experience and perceive happiness?
Janice LazarusGender and Sexuality Research in SSGEPenny Vera-SansoPregnancy and Abortion among unmarried women in India
Jasmine Gideon
Santiago Leyva del RioGender and Sexuality Research in SSGERosie CoxDe-commodifying housing, de-privatising the home: a study of the emergence of cooperative housing in the city of Barcelona.
Kalpana Wilson
Marcus Pereira SaraivaGeographic Information Science ResearchJoana Barros
Paul Elsner
Marit Marsh StrombergGeography ResearchPaul ElsnerWind and solar PV capacity deployment across Europe: what could be gained from an international cooperation? - A conceptual case study
Aideen Foley
Antonia ScarrGeography ResearchSimon PooleyIs ecology considered in the management of English estuaries?
Mike Elliott, Hull University
Jacobus Van RooyenGeography ResearchJoana BarrosRacial and Income Segregation in Metropolitan Cape Town:  An Exploration through the Application of Segregation Metrics and Agent-Based Modelling.
Paul Elsner
Jonathan CabralGeography, Environment and Development Studies ResearchPaul Watt
Maddalena ChielliniGeography, Environment and Development Studies ResearchMelissa Butcher
Penny Vera-Sanso
Jahan FosterGeography, Environment and Development Studies ResearchKaren WellsUnderstanding the social reproduction experiences and practices of transnational Latin American families in London.
Danielle McAlisterGeography, Environment and Development Studies ResearchKaren WellsEmotional Geographies of child refugees and asylum seekers.
Ana Serta Almada MauroGeography, Environment and Development Studies ResearchRosie CoxTem vaga de cleaner? Everyday life and digital practices among Brazilian domestic workers between Brazil and the UK.
Jennifer Rode, UCL
Lexter WoodleyGeography, Environment and Development Studies Research

Rosie Cox

Exploring households in which the women holds a high-status position and are the major breadwinner in their homes.
Wendy Hein
Nelly AliInternational Childhood Studies ResearchKaren WellsAn ethnography of street girls and young street mothers in Cairo.
Lisa Baraitser (Birkbeck Psychosocial Studies)
Pauline O'DwyerInternational Childhood Studies ResearchKaren WellsAn ethnography in juvenile justice in customary and criminal Law. How is juvenile justice practiced in customary and criminal law?
Bill Bowring (Birkbeck School of Law)
Meng MeiyunGeography, Environment and Development Studies ResearchRosie CoxHighly educated female migrants’ making of home spaces in contemporary Shenzhen
Melissa Butcher
Olivia EngleGeography, Environment and Development StudiesJasmine GideonAbortion at home: the potential of medication abortion to address geographic and spatial barriers to abortion care
Kalpana Wilson

Maria Jose Romero

Elisa Van Waeyenberge, SOAS

Re-examining public-private partnerships (PPPs) – An analysis of health and education PPPs.
Jasmine Gideon

Pavni Kohli

Geography, Environment and Development StudiesMelissa ButcherBeyond Fear: Understanding middle-class women’s perception of public space and its planning implications in Delhi.
Joana Barros

Haroon Ford

Geography, Environment and Development StudiesKaren WellsLearning to be an Arab: Quranic schools and poor, African migrant students in central Sudan.
Marloes Janson, SOAS
Sara RodriguezGeography, Environment and Development StudiesPaul WattMixed-Use Urban Villages and Wembley Park.
Jonathan CabralGeography, Environment and Development StudiesPaul WattThe Impacts of Large Urban Regeneration Schemes on Community Regeneration, Neighborhood Change, and Gentrification in Weak-Market Communities.
Amit SinghPsychosocial StudiesYasmeen Narayan (Birkbeck Psychosocial StudiesFighting for and against race: Racialisation, Racism & Kickboxing in East London.
Kalpana Wilson

Irna Nurlina Masron

Geography, Environment and Development Studies Research

Melissa Butcher

The politics of heritage and housing in Jakarta's urban villages 

Lisa Tilley, SOAS