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Our research students

Student nameStudent programmeSupervisor(s)Research
Harry ActonEnglish and HumanitiesDr Carolyn Burdett
An account of D.H.Lawrence as a reader, focusing particularly on his two major critical works, Study of Thomas Hardy (1988) and Studies in Classic American Literature (2003)
Dr Peter Fifield
Jennifer Allport-ReidEnglish and Humanities

Professor Sue Wiseman

Interactions between Oral and Literary Culture in the Early Modern Period. 

Tatum AndersonEnglish and Humanities 

Dr Anna Hartnell

What responsibility does fiction have to tell the truth in a post-truth climate?

Dr Jodie Kim

Jacob Bard-RosenbergEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Esther Leslie
Damaged Subjects of Modernity: Forgetting and Memory in the work of Adorno and Benjamin'
Dr Stephen Clucas
Saskia BarnardEnglish and HumanitiesDr Ana Parejo Vadillo
Modernism’s Fashion Writers
Professor Joanne Winning
Jane BassettEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Susan Wiseman
Memory, Elegy and the Politics of Grief
Professor Joanne Winning
Gordon BatesEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Roger Luckhurst
The Survival of Suggestion: Charles Lloyd Tuckey and British Medical Hypnotism (1888-1914).
Professor Joanne Winning
Christina BaumEnglish and Humanities

Professor Marina Warner

A Brazilian Tale: Exploring the oral tradition of storytelling and collective memory.

Professor Luciana Martins

Emily BestEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Joseph Brooker
Reading Radio: Audio drama as literature
Dr Peter Fifield
Kayleigh BettertonEnglish and Humanities Dr Ana Parejo Vadillo
Building Collections, Building Communities: Institutional Libraries and Intellectualism in the Long Nineteenth Century
Radha BhatEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Joanne Winning
Understanding Medical Education through A Comparative study of Ancient Indian and Contemporary Educational methods
Niall BoyceEnglish and HumanitiesDr Gillian Woods
England's dreaming: dreams, inwardness, and the self in Renaissance England
Rogelio Braga
English and Humanities

Luke Williams

Migration Stories: The Narratives of Filipino Migrants in London

Dr Steve Willey

Marianne BrookerEnglish and Humanities

Dr Luisa Calè

"The ‘materials of Method’:
Fugitive Knowledge, Literary Compilation and the Romantic Vade Mecum."

Fiona BuckEnglish and HumanitiesDr Peter Fifield
Poetics of silence: the voices and performance of the modernist salon, and their relevance to contemporary outlets for the poetic voice
Professor Joanne Winning
George CamillerEnglish and Humanities

Dr Mike Bintley

The Element of Performance in the Bayeux Tapestry

Michael Lewis (British Museum)

Valentine CarterEnglish and HumanitiesJulia Bell
Memory and Myth: the many narratives of an emerging self
Dr Jodie Kim
Kayombo ChingonyiEnglish and Humanities

Dr Steve Willey

Musical Sampling, Literary Allusion, and Performance Praxis in Black Atlantic Poetry
Lee ChristienEnglish and HumanitiesDr Richard Hamblyn
Captives of classification: unlocking the representations of animals from the Daily Occurences, library and cages of London Zoo
Jessi ClaytonEnglish and HumanitiesDr Katherine Angel
Rural queer female narratives in both performance practice and queer theory
Dr Louise Owen
Betsie CleworthEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Alison Finlay
The Narrative Structure of Landnámabók
Professor Anthony Bale
Rebecca ClossickEnglish and Humanities Professor Susan Wiseman
Staging the Concept of the Poor Scholar in Elizabethan England
Dr Gillian Woods
Claire Cock-Starkey
English and Humanities

Dr David McAllister

'The Folklore of Death, Dying and Funerals in Nineteenth-Century England'?
Janice Cormie
English and HumanitiesDr Mpalive MsiskaContrasts and common ground in US and British crime fiction, 1930s to 1950s: texts, readers, and socio-cultural contexts
Orla Cubitt
English and Humanities

Dr Grace Halden

Decreation as a Feminist Prerogative
Rhodri DaviesEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Roger Luckhurst
A Secular Religion: Pulp Science Fiction and Alien Theologies
Thomas DillonEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Roger Luckhurst
What is the Exact Nature of the Catastrophe?’: A Cultural History of the Science Fiction New Wave in the UK, 1955-1970
Lily DunnEnglish and Humanities

Julia Bell

Narcissism and the Media of Me: An exploration of modern ideas of the self in contemporary literature

Dr Richard Hamblyn

Dickon Edwards
English and HumanitiesProfessor Heike Bauer

Ronald Firbank and the Legacy of Camp Modernism

Professor Joseph Brooker
Bronac FerranEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Martin Eve
Mediating the Concrete: Hansjörg Mayer as a Poet of Transition
Dr Stephen Willey
Debbie Field
English and HumanitiesProfessor Joanne WinningThe Rhythm of the Breath
Carol FitzpatrickEnglish and HumanitiesDr Fintan Walsh
Adapting for performance accounts of British post-colonial migration to Australia
Mischa Foster-PooleEnglish and Humanities

Professor Esther Leslie

Nonsense Versus: Avant-garde poetry's sense-resistance as revolutionary praxis.
Jen GoldingEnglish and HumanitiesDr Gillian Woods
Humour in Earnest in Renaissance Comedy
James GoodwinEnglish and HumanitiesDr Mpalive Msiska
'Marooned in search of marronage': Blacksociopoetics in Aime Cesaire and Will Alexander

Dr Stephen Willey
Natalie GreenwoodEnglish and Humanities

Dr Isabel Davis

Crossing Over: Soul Journeys in late Medieval English Literature, 1370 to 1483.

Lise GroenvoldEnglish and HumanitiesDr Peter Fifield
Illness and Authenticity: A Study of Truth and
Form in Contemporary Illness Writing
Professor Joanne Winning
Louise HortonEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Susan Wiseman
`A Dooer of Thy Holie Word': Reforming Women's Writing in Sixteenth Century England
Elizabeth JonesEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Esther Leslie
‘What is ‘Anti-Spectacular’ Literature? Reading Alienation in the Contemporary Novel’
Melanie JonesEnglish and HumanitiesDr Katherine Angel

Unfounded Fear: Anxiety and Creativity

Julia Bell
Laura KayeEnglish and HumanitiesToby Litt
Women and Animals in Literature of the Anthropocene: A Creative and Critical Investigation

Dr Caroline Edwards

Simon KingEnglish and Humanities Professor Esther Leslie
Towards a dialogical aesthetics of urban walking: Walking as method in contemporary art practice
Natalie Landaw mottEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Carol Watts
Gleaning, Leaning and Lean Culture: On Gleanologics
Janette LeafEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Roger Luckhurst
Locating the Sympathetic Insect: Cultural Entomology, Egyptology and Emotional Affect in Richard Marsh's The Beetle.
Alexander LeggettEnglish and HumanitiesDr Fintan Walsh
Quirky Theatrical Practices: Autism, Advocacy and Contemporary Theatre in the UK
Torben LundEnglish and HumanitiesDr Robert Maniura
What do portraits reveal about the identity of Early Modern persons?
Professor Susan Wiseman
Natalie MarlowEnglish and HumanitiesDr Richard Hamblyn

‘Such Children for the Water’: a creative-critical exploration of the waterscapes of North Warwickshire.

Dr Jodie Kim
Melissa MarshEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Susan Wiseman

“Come and hear, all ye that fear God, and I will declare what he hath done for my soul." Voicing relationships with God through the biblical Psalms (1530-1690).

Matthew MartinEnglish and HumanitiesDr Emily Senior
Nation Language Poetry as Political Resistance in the Caribbean and England
Dr Stephen Willey
Paul MartinEnglish and HumanitiesJulia Bell
Death of an A&R Man: An exploration into the nature and processes of A&R within the music industry through the creative non-fiction forms of memoir, biography and literary collage
Professor Joseph Brooker
Laura MauroEnglish and Humanities

Professor Roger Luckhurst

Wounded Space: Physical manifestations of spatial trauma in postwar British and Japanese horror fiction.

Colm McAuliffeEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Joseph Brooker
Rupture and Rapture:  The Rise of “French Theory” in Britain, 1960-1975
Tabitha McIntoshEnglish and Humanities

Dr Luisa Calè

White Rascals, Black Mischief: Anecdotes in the Atlantic World, 1788-1865

Dr Emily Senior

Linda MillerEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Joanne Winning
Medical  Humanities Based, Creative Practice Inspired , Reflection for Health and Social Care Practitioners; Exploring  Novel approaches for  Carer Health and Well -Being
Jennifer MoriartyEnglish and HumanitiesDr Carolyn Burdett
Spirits of Modernity: Embodiment and Identity in the Victorian Afterlife
Dr David McAllister
Eleanor MyersonEnglish and Humanities Professor Anthony Bale
From Mamlūk Syria to Medieval England: Exports, Culture and the Holy Land, 1291-c.1500
Sasha MyersonEnglish and HumanitiesDr Caroline Edwards
‘Subjectivity’ - analysing cyberpunk

Zaahida Mariam Nalumoso


Dr Mpalive Msiska

Resistance to ‘linguistic conquest’ in Uganda : A study of African language literature produced by women

Mary NewboldEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Esther Leslie

Ideology and Illusion: A Study of Technologies of Vision and the Human Sensorium.

Jeremy NewtonEnglish and HumanitiesDr Carolyn Burdett
A Reappraisal of the Works of Henry Arthur Jones
Dr Louise Owen
Charlotte NorthallEnglish and Humanities

Julia Bell

`The Textual Body: Wounds as words (a creative exploration of a body restored).

Russell Celyn-Jones

Ezechi OnyerionwuEnglish and HumanitiesDr Mpalive Msiska

The Private and Public Selfs in Atkinson Wokoma’s Diaries: Constructing Self Identity in African Colonial Modernity.

Eleanor PackhamEnglish

Dr Ana Parejo Vadillo

Floating Cities: Civilisation at Sea in the Victorian Imagination

Albert PellicerEnglish and Humanities 

Professor William Rowe

Oscillations Between Text And Sound: A Poetics Of Timbre

Kierri PriceEnglish and HumanitiesDr Isabel DavisThe Body and the Book, England 1350-1600: Manuscripts and Printed Books at Wellcome Collection
Professor Susan Wiseman
Masuda QureshiEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Susan Wiseman
Celestial Philosophy: Women, poetry, and natural philosophy 1600-1700
Andrew ReganHistory and Classics ResearchProfessor Susan Wiseman
Working in History
Jennifer Allport Reid English and HumanitiesProfessor Susan Wiseman
Interactions between Oral and Literary Culture in the Early Modern Period.
Erin ReillyEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Martin Eve
Towards an Ethical Culture: Social Responsibility and the Limits of Freedom in Contemporary U.S. Literature
Dr Anna Hartnell
Keshia RichardsEnglish and Humanities

Dr Mpalive Msiska

Black. British. Not Urban; the erasure of suburban and rural Black British female experiences in the formation of the contemporary Black British literary canon.

Dr Agnes Woolley

Eleonora RossiEnglish and HumanitiesDr Caroline Edwards
Womanhood, Reproduction, and Spatial Confinement in Contemporary Anglo-American Feminist Dystopias
Frank SayiEnglish and Humanities

Russell Celyn-Jones

Language, violence and Landscape in Yvonne Vera's The Stone Virgins

Professor Jacqueline Rose
Genevieve SmartEnglish and Humanities

Professor Jacqueline Rose

Childbirth Beyond Female Gender Identity: Freud and Futurism.

Professor Joanne Winning

Melanie SocratesEnglish and Humanities Dr Isabel Davis
Bodies, Books and Middle English Medicine
Robert StearnEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Susan Wiseman
Managing Skill, 1680–1730: Domestic Service and the Forms of Practical Knowledge.
Jemma StewartEnglish and HumanitiesDr Ana Parejo Vadillo
Seeing in flowers: Eco-feminism and the Victorian Eco-Gothic
Katie StoneEnglish and HumanitiesDr Caroline Edwards
Children are the Future: Utopianism and Childhood in Science Fiction and its Criticism
Pauline SuwanbanEnglish and Humanities Dr Katherine Angel
Popular Romance and Orientalist Fantasy 1720-1921
Professor Marina Warner
Tyla ThackwrayEnglish and Humanities 

Dr Mike Bintley

Reading Early English Literature through a Speculative Lens: Fantasy and Reality in Early Medieval and Soviet-Era Texts.

Dr Kate Franklin (HCA)

Ben ThomsonEnglish and HumanitiesDr Stephen Clucas
'The Virtue Politics of Cristoforo Landino's Disputationes Camaldulenses
Craig Thomson
English and HumanitiesProfessor Roger Luckhurst
"Werewolves of London" - Folklore, Popular Culture and the Werewolf in British Gothic Fiction (1830-1914)
Natalia TobinEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Roger Luckhurst
Jack Womack's Fictions of Rupture: Body, Irony and Capital
Dr Anna Hartnell
George TownsendEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Heike Bauer
Same river twice: a cultural history of Parson’s Pleasure
Professor Leslie Topp
Georgina Trevelyan-ClarkEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Anthony Bale
England’s Jews from Foxe to Prynne (1563 – 1655): physically absent yet mythologically present
Professor Susan Wiseman
Malcolm WhiteEnglish and HumanitiesProfessor Anthony Bale

The role of catchwords in the production, transmission and reception of longer English texts.

Siddharth YadavEnglish and HumanitiesDr Grace Halden
CyberPunk’s Not Dead: Mind and Identity in American Sci-Fi
Bozhena Zoritch
English and HumanitiesProfessor Joanne Winning
Contemporary cultural discourses and representations in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Subjectivity, Agency and Society

Research students in our departments