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Our research students

Student nameStudent programmeSupervisor(s)Project
Russell BanfieldFilm and Screen MediaProfessor Catherine Grant

A Mediated Memory: Remaking The Big Sleep

Matthew BarringtonFilm and Screen MediaDr Michael Temple

Slow Cinema: Towards a Cinematic Endpoint.

Hannah BartonFilm and Screen MediaDr Joel McKim

Understanding Internet memes as discourse strategies within a networked culture.

Dale CrosbyFilm and Screen Media

Dr Emma Sandon

War of the Words: Adaptation as Intertextual Melee.

Ricardo de Matos CaboFilm and Screen Media

Dr Michael Temple

The anti-lecture on film: history, pedagogy and performance.

Ricardo DomizioFilm and Screen Media

Dr Michael Temple

Towards a Deleuzian theory of Digital Cinema

Chris Groenveld-WalkerFilm and Screen Media

Dr Silke Arnold-de Simine

Memory Through Landscape: an exploration of the ‘spatial turn’ in Holocaust mediation.

Clare HavellFilm and Screen Media

Dr Andrew Asibong

Identity, Anonymity and the Stigmatised Subject

Noel HessFilm and Screen Media

Dr Mike Allen

Exploring the seeds of New Hollywood in the ‘American art film’ of the 1960’s.

Olivia HinkinFilm and Screen Media

Dr Janet McCabe

Changing Methods of Anime Distribution within Convergence Culture.

Yi-Wen (Muriel) HuangArts Management

Dr Hye-Kyung Lee (Kings)

City Regeneration- Dynamic Between Political Strategy and the Arts.

Sara LindenFilm and Screen Media

Dr Janet McCabe

Fashionable women at work - Displays of power and glamour in Hollywood fashion movies

Katherine MitchellFilm and Screen Media

Dr Joel McKim

Collecting Born Digital Images in the Contemporary Museum.

Sarah MolyneauxFilm and Screen Media

Professor Tim Markham

Gender performances in UK food blogs and vlogs.

Raquel MoraisFilm and Screen Media

Dr Janet McCabe

Exhibiting an Interdisciplinary Archive: Curatorial practice as reactivating the film archive, with a case study of Margarida Cordeiro and António Reis.

Henry MulhallArts Management 

Dr Sophie Hope

Publics and Communities

Emmanuel OhajahFilm and Screen Media

Dr Justin Schlosberg

Nigerian Internet Crime: An Online Moral Panic?

Lawrence ReavillArts Management 

Dr Simone Wesner

A study of the relationships and influence distribution between funder’s objectives and the artistic objectives of major UK dance companies in periods of increasing financial stringency.

Selina RobertsonFilm and Screen Media

Dr Janet McCabe

Remembering through creative practice London’s grassroots lesbian and feminist programming histories from 1979-1990.

Edel RobinsonFilm and Screen Media

Dr Emma Sandon

Irish Missionary Films 1930-1993. The Apostolate of the Cinema. How did Catholic Media Organisation and Principles Converge with the Overlooked Non-Theatrical Film Movements of the 20th Century?

Emily RustinFilm and Screen Media

Dr Rebekah Cupitt

What positive benefits does YouTube offer to children?

Giancarlo Morales SandovalFilm and Screen Media

Dr Joel McKim

Entrepreneurship from below: the strategic hybridity of the maker movement in Lima.

Dr Scott Rodgers


Elena ShampanovaArts Management 

Dr Simone Wesner

Entrepreneurship in the Arts.

Naomi SmithFilm and Screen Media

Dr Justin Schlosberg

Rethinking Broadcast News Values.

Ruth SolomonsArts Management 

Dr Sophie Hope

How artists work. Sustainability, self-subsidy and risk management among post economic crash UK artists.

Aaron VansintjanFilm and Screen Media 

Dr Joel McKim

Counting money, displacing life: How gentrification erodes food spaces for low-income and minority residents in the global North and South.'

Haotang (Sylvia) Wang

Arts Management

Dr Lina Dzuverovic

Orchestra Governance; how this is influenced by cultural policy in UK and China.

Alan Warburton

Film and Screen Media

Professor Catherine Grant

The Art of Simulation: Experimental CGI and the Use of Commercial Software.

Anna WarchalowskaFilm and Screen Media

Dr Dorota Ostrowska

Heritage World Cinema. Archival and memory-oriented films programmed at film festivals.

Kelli WestonFilm and Screen Media

Dr Mike Allen

Representations of Women of Colour as the Double in the Female Gothic.

Research students in our departments