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Our research students

Student nameStudent programmeSupervisor(s)Project
Eduardo ArmentiaHistory of ArtProfessor Patrizia Di Bello
Picturing Place in the Post-Photographic Era: Google Street View at the Alhambra

Dr Nick Lambert

Patricia BonchristianoHistory of Art

Dr Mara Polgovsky Ezcurra

Art, Activism and the Amazon forest: the ongoing environmental struggle in Brazil.

Professor Luciana Martins

Mike BowmanHistory of ArtProfessor Fiona Candlin
Quantitative Approaches to the History of Art: Case Studies of their Application to the History of Titling
Surya Bowyer
History of Art

Professor Steve Edwards

Collecting the boundaries of art in the Science Museum Group

Katy Barrett (Science Museum Group)

Albert Brenchat AguilarHistory of Art Professor Mark Crinson

Shaping Postcolonial Worlds: Otto Koenigsberger, Global Architecture, and the Networks of the International Planning Consultant.

Professor Leslie Topp
Elizabeth BrownHistory of ArtProfessor Patrizia Di Bello

“What is Focus?”: Photography and the Natural Sciences in Victorian Britain c.1843-1877.

Professor Steve Edwards
Melissa BuronHistory of ArtProfessor Lynda Nead
‘Twixt Two Worlds’ : James Tissot’s The Life of Christ and the Visual Language of Spiritualism
Aleks CatinaHistory of Art

Professor Mark Crinson

Irony-work in architecture: taste, other voices and the cultural economy of paradox.

Angela CheungSOAS

Professor Patrizia di Bello

The John Thomson (1837-1921) Photo Archive: Framing China and Southeast.

Professor Shane McCausland (SOAS)

Netta ClavnerHistory of Art

Dr Zoe Opacic-Masters

Staging Authority and Creating Collective Identity in Fourteenth and Early Fifteenth Century England
Alice Correia MortonHistory of ArtDr Dorigen Caldwell

Visual and material references to antiquity in sixteenth century Venetian patricians’ construction of identity.

Professor Filippo De Vivo
Joanne CottrellHistory of ArtProfessor Lynda Nead
‘As a woman my country is the whole world.’ Nationalism, cosmopolitanism, and the gender of Vorticism
Krupa DesaiHistory of ArtProfessor Steve Edwards
Exploring the visual language of development in India - a focus on the Nehruvian decades
Liz Drew
History of Art

Professor Patrizia di Bello

A Poetic Realism: Photography and Equality in the North of England 1968 – 2018

Christine EyeneHistory of ArtProfessor Annie Coombes

Textual inscription: a study on text and the visual in relation to the work of South African photographer George Hallett (1960s-1980s). 

Janine FreestonHistory of ArtProfessor Patrizia Di Bello
Amateurs and Colour Photography in Britain 1906 to 1932
Carolina Garcia ManzanosHistory of ArtProfessor Steve EdwardsFrame, Materiality and Mirror in Gordon Matta-Clark’s Photomontages, and Paradoxical Flatness, Trace and Chance in Gabriel Orozco’s Photographs
Irem GulersonmezHistory of ArtProfessor Patrizia Di Bello
The Historical Imagery of Violence in the 19th Century Ottoman Diasporas
Neil HandleyHistory of ArtProfessor Fiona Candlin
New professions and professionalism in 20th century medical museums
Kathryn HavelockHistory of Art

Dr Dorigen Caldwell

Botanical Symbolism in Florentine Renaissance Painting.

Professor John Henderson (HCA)

Francesca IssattHistory of Art

Professor Patrizia di Bello

Women Photographing Architecture: The Royal Photographic Society, knowledge sharing networks and changing gender roles (1890-1939).

Dr James Ryan (V&A)

David JonesHistory of ArtProfessor Steve Edwards

The life and work of Victorian photographer Thomas Birtles.

Kazima Khan MukherjeeHistory of ArtProfessor Annie Coombes
Situating Contemporary Indian art in the Global – Art Collectives and the Post postcolonial Discourse
Juliet LearmouthHistory of ArtProfessor Kate Retford

Women and the West End Town House: Agency and Self-fashioning in Eighteenth-Century London.

Mark Liebenrood
History of ArtProfessor Fiona Candlin

'Museum closure in the UK, 1960–2010'. Examining museum closures using a combination of large-scale data and individual case studies.

Nicola LoweHistory of Art

Dr Zoe Opacic-Masters

Art and Experience in the late-medieval English parish church: selected evidence from rural Oxfordshire.
Hannah LyonsHistory of Art

Professor Kate Retford

Making an impression: British women printmakers in the Long Eighteenth Century.

Sarah Grant (V&A)

Eliane MackintoshHistory of ArtProfessor Annie Coombes

History of Arts in Martinique – 1898-1998

Sarah McBrydeHistory of ArtDr Dorigen Caldwell

A Visible Difference – Dwarves in Early Modern Italian Court Culture.

Professor John Henderson (HCA)

Rebecca McKayHistory of ArtDr Suzannah Biernoff

Pathological Bodies and Deviant Art: 20th century medical illustrations as seen through an analysis of the work of Osman Berberović.

Morag McLintockHistory of ArtDr Robert Maniura

Art, family and status in fourteenth century Italy: the Lupi in Parma, Florence and Padua.

John O'BrienHistory of ArtDr Dorigen Caldwell
Philosophy, Theology and Cosmology in the ceiling paintings of Andrea Pozzo
Liberty PatersonHistory of Art

Dr Sarah Thomas

Slave-Ownership and the National Portrait Gallery

Lucy Peltz (NPG)

Patrick QuinlanHistory of Art

Professor Leslie Topp

‘Stigma and Significance’: The past, present and future of Ireland’s lunatic asylums.

Carlo RizzoHistory of ArtDr Sarah Thomas

Collecting and displaying contemporary Middle Eastern Art and Design at the V&A: a comparative analysis of museum practices.

Mariam Rosser-Owen (V&A) 

Linda Robins Da SilvaHistory of ArtProfessor Steve Edwards

Peripheral Modernities: Diasporic Jewish Women Photographing Difference in Brazil during the Vargas Era.

Stephen RosserHistory of ArtProfessor Mark Crinson

Perspectives on the City of London's architecture in the age of global markets'.

Professor Leslie Topp
Simon RushHistory of Art

Dr Zoe Opacic-Masters

Romanesque architecture of the Conflent area of Roussillon

Tamsin SilveyHistory of ArtDr Silke Arnold-de Simine

Conflict -Photography-Exhibition: curating conflict in art and history institutions, 2010-20.

Professor Steve Edwards
Sonia SolicariHistory of Art

Professor Lynda Nead

The Domestic Threshold in Art and Culture of the Nineteenth Century, 1830-1880

Johann SpillnerHistory of ArtProfessor Mark Crinson

Displaying the invisible: Islamic architecture and the modern museum.

Dr Simon O'Meara (SOAS)
Alexandra Symons SutcliffeHistory of ArtDr Patrizia Di Bello

Cultural Snipers: Photographic Portraiture in Britain, 1970-1990.

Sabina Jaskot-Gill (NPG)

Salvatore TrigiliaHistory of ArtDr Dorigen Caldwell

Mario Minniti: from Caravaggio's model to protagonist of the Sicilian Baroque.

Jenny Turner
History of Art Professor Annie Coombes

‘Examining the contemporary history of a number of ‘community’ sites of violence in the UK and US.

Kay WatsonHistory of ArtDr Patrizia Di Bello

The Institutions of Photography in the UK: 1979-2003

Annette WaywellHistory of ArtDr Suzannah Biernoff

Lustre: the history and cultural aesthetics of sheen in the fashion image.

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