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Managing Environments


  • Credit value: 30 credits at Level 5
  • Convenor: Dr Simon Pooley
  • Assessment: a 1500-word report (50%) and 2000-word essay (50%)

Module description

In this module we introduce key themes in environmental management, outlining some major issues and then exploring management responses to these critically. Assuming some very basic knowledge of environmental science and management issues, we will develop your understanding of management responses in more depth. You will become familiar with key management challenges related to:

  • climate change
  • sustainable natural resource management
  • risk and natural hazards
  • biodiversity loss
  • biosecurity issues.

Learning objectives

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • articulate and critically evaluate key management responses to the planet's major environmental challenges
  • explain adaptive management and appreciate the range of skills and approaches required to tackle major environmental challenges like wildfire
  • work effectively with environmental information and data
  • understand key issues and principles relating to corporate responsibility
  • be familiar with major debates over and approaches to achieving sustainable development
  • apply concepts of risk, hazard, mitigation and adaptations to tackling environmental management issues.