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Subject to availability

  • Credit value: 15 credits at Level 7
  • Tutor: Halley Pontes
  • Assessment: a take-home examination (100%)

Module description

This module is concerned with different approaches to managing and leading people at work. The field of human resource management focuses on theory and practice of the management of employment or people in organisations. The field of leadership focuses largely on the management of soft factors at work from the perspective of leader and followers. In other words, HRM focuses on the more formal aspects of managing employment relationships in general and leadership deals more with the process and interactions between a group of individuals consisting of leaders and followers.

Some personal work experience of human resource management and organisational behaviour is extremely useful for this module.

Also, students who have not followed an HRM or organisational behaviour course at undergraduate level will find this module difficult and will have to work hard to familiarise themselves with the literature. This will involve considerable extra reading and study.

Indicative module syllabus

  • Leadership: An Introduction and Conceptual Foundations
  • Leadership in Organisations
  • Leadership: Individual Differences
  • Implicit Leadership Theories
  • Leadership: Power and Influence
  • Leader-Member Relationships
  • Critical Leadership Theory
  • Cross-Cultural Leadership
  • Leadership Development

Learning objectives

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • outline some of the main approaches to understanding HRM and leadership
  • critically evaluate theory, concepts, approaches to HRM and leadership
  • apply theories and concepts of HRM and leadership to various applied contexts and critically assess these
  • explain some of the practical issues surrounding HRM and leadership.