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Organizational Behaviour


Module description

In this module we introduce a broad sample of the main areas for research and practice in organisational behaviour. This will help you understand:

  • how individual employees and groups act in organisations
  • how organisations manage their environments.

We introduce topics like employee work motivation, personality and work performance, leadership and conflict, organisational culture and change to show how individual, group and organisational characteristics work together to stimulate individual performance and organisational effectiveness.

Learning objectives

You will develop an understanding of:

  • how the 'individual', the 'group', the 'organisation' and their interactions are characterised in organisational behaviour
  • the complexity involved in impacting and measuring outcomes and performance at individual, group and organisational level
  • different approaches to organisational structure and the possible influence of structure on individuals
  • how to apply influential theories to explain employee workplace behaviour
  • how to take a critical view of management practice.