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Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets Management


Module description

Intellectual property and intangible assets management have become the cornerstone of growth for contemporary organisations. They influence:

  • market positioning (competitiveness)
  • revenue streams
  • innovation
  • investment potential.

In today's dynamic landscape, overlooking intellectual property's significance is not an option. Simultaneously, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and 'generative AI' disrupt the marketplace and the intellectual property system, which traditionally operates on established rights and rationales. This module will arm you with the techniques, tools and frameworks necessary to drive business success in the modern era. 

Throughout the module, you can expect to watch video presentations and participate in seminars, quizzes and student presentations. Your readings will be from leading scholars, including management visionaries, philosophers of social science and top disruptive technology leaders. Each lecture will have a short playbook summarising the material.

Indicative syllabus

  • Foundations of intellectual property rights (IPRs)
  • Maximising value: strategic IPR management approaches
  • Navigating challenges: risks and triumphs in IPR markets
  • Economic and political perspectives: shaping the IPR landscape
  • The AI revolution: impact and transformation in IPRs
  • AI unleashed: AI applications and influences on humanity
  • Robot rights and ‘generative AI’: pioneering a new IP era
  • Smart economy strategies: forging competitive business models
  • Financial alchemy: bridging finance and IPRs for entrepreneurial triumph

Learning objectives

  • Strategic IPR prowess: you will master the art of strategically managing commercial intellectual property for sustained competitive advantage and develop a toolkit for effective IPR utilisation.
  • Philosophical foundations: you will have a deep understanding of the philosophical and ethical roots of IPRs, enabling you to navigate the future with clarity and purpose.
  • AI-powered insights: you will be able to grasp the nuances of integrating AI and generative AI into IPR strategies and stay at the forefront of innovation in the AI era.
  • Future-focused leadership: you will have the ability to steer organisations towards success in dynamic markets.