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Commercial Law for Business


  • Credit value: 15 credits at Level 5
  • Convenor: Karin Shields
  • Tutor: Nabil Rafiq
  • Assessment: a two-hour written examination (70%) and 1500-word coursework (30%)

Module description

This module gives you an overview of the law relevant to business organisations. The syllabus is divided into three main areas of study: the English legal system, contract law and company law.

The topics covered include an introduction to the structure of the courts, sources of law, European community law, formation of contracts, and sale of goods legislation and formation of companies together with director’s duties. You will learn about the law of contract and the sale of goods, which are fundamental to business, and the legal consequences of a company having a separate artificial legal personality.

Delivery is through lectures, seminars and group discussion.

Learning objectives

By the end of this module, you will:

  • be familiar with the law-making process both in this jurisdiction and the European Community, and the relationship between them
  • understand the basic elements of English law of contract
  • understand the status of different terms and that the law will imply terms into many contracts
  • understand what amounts to a misrepresentation and appreciate the variety of causes of action and respective remedies
  • recognise the distinction between a partnership and a company, the various types of companies and understand the exceptions to the rule that a company has a separate legal personality.