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GDS Dissertation


  • Credit value: 60 credits at Level 7
  • Assessment: 100% dissertation

Module description

Your MSc dissertation project is designed to introduce and integrate all the knowledge and skills you have acquired through the eight taught modules taken in the first and second years.

The module consists of two components:

  • Design and Development Project (DDP), which consists of two sub-components: DDP Part 1 and DDP Part 2. In DDP Part 1, you look at a sample research proposal and a sample dissertation and critically assess them. In DDP Part 2, you develop your own research proposal for your MSc dissertation.
  • MSc dissertation, which builds on the DDP and forms the main component of this module. In your dissertation project, you will undertake original independent research under expert supervision in an area of Geographical Information Science of your own choice.

Learning objectives

This module will enable you to:

  • critically assess the contents of project proposals and dissertations by others
  • reflect on your own research following your appraisal of others' work
  • develop practical and written skills in constructing and presenting research projects
  • integrate methodological and practical knowledge of GIS earned throughout the programme
  • construct and complete an original research project by clearly identifying the research question to be investigated, selecting suitable data and analytical techniques, drawing conclusions that are consistent with the questions asked, and communicating the results in writing.