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Course Induction (MFA Theatre Directing): Unit A

Module description

This unit introduces you to the conventions, processes and structures of the programme, and in particular to the academic needs and demands of this level of postgraduate study. It also enables a diagnostic appraisal of your needs and wants within the context of professional directing to be made at the start of your time on the programme.

Teaching includes classes/discussions/seminars, practical workshops and sessions with theatre professionals. You are normally able to make a preliminary visit to your assigned drama school during the course.

This unit is not formally assessed, but you will make a ten-minute oral presentation to the group and a panel, and write a 1000-word essay and supporting material for which you receive verbal feedback and guidance.

Learning objectives

By the end of this unit, you will have:

  • investigated an assigned topic or topics related to professional theatre practice
  • coordinated and synthesised the results of this investigation and made a presentation to the group
  • prepared written material related to the presentation that supports and sustains its argument and conclusions.