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Module description

This module's main objectives are to introduce the basic principles of geophysics and understand the application of geophysical principles in the study of the Earth’s interior.

Indicative module content

  • Introduction to geophysics and seismology
  • Basic seismic refraction and reflection methods
  • Earthquake and global seismology
  • Gravity methods
  • Geomagnetism and magmatic methods
  • Introduction to electrical, electromagnetic and other geophysical methods
  • Geological applications of seismic, gravity and magnetic methods

Learning objectives

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • describe the basic principles of seismology, gravity, magnetic and other geophysical methods
  • describe how principles of geophysics can be applied to enhance our understanding of the Earth
  • apply basic mathematical and physical concepts in the study of geophysics
  • present basic numerical arguments
  • explain the relationship between methodologies and geological applications
  • think quantitatively
  • discuss the relationship between geophysical data and geological interpretation
  • present scientific ideas through activities.