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Project Management


  • Credit value: 15 credits at Level 6
  • Convenor and tutor: Sorin Piperca
  • Assessment: a two-hour examination (70%) and group presentations (30%)

Module description

Projects have become the preferred form of organising activities in most industries, from construction, IT and manufacturing to education and financial services. They have the advantage of concentrating resources to achieve intended goals, are better adapted to specific environments, and have a clearly defined goal and a limited duration, which makes their performance easily quantifiable and gives a better sense of control to higher management. Projects are used to implement change, deliver against strategic objectives and achieve competitive advantage. In consequence, project management knowledge and skills are highly valued in any organisation and project management practitioners are in increasing demand on the job market.

Indicative module content

  • Tools and techniques for project planning and development
  • Project roles and stakeholders
  • Risks and change management
  • International and inter-organisational projects
  • Project management methodologies

These theoretical concepts will be illustrated with examples from a variety of projects types, sizes, countries and industries. Experienced project managers will be invited to present how projects are actually developed in real life. In seminar activities and also as part of your assessment, you will have the chance to practise the application of the tools learned in class in specific projects.

Learning objectives

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • understand and apply project management tools and techniques to a variety of real projects
  • judge the effectiveness of project management tools and techniques according to the project type, and the industry and environment in which the project is developed
  • compare and contrast different project management methodologies
  • evaluate the impact of different project actors on delivering successful projects.