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Introduction to Accounting


Module description

In this module we introduce you to core accounting topics and prepare you for more advanced studies in accounting and finance. You will learn how to understand and prepare financial reports for external users as well as preparing financial information required by management for decision making.

Indicative syllabus

  • Difference between financial and managerial accounting
  • Cost behaviour
  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Study techniques in accounting
  • Breakeven and cost-volume-profit analysis
  • Absorption-based costing
  • Investment appraisals 

Learning objectives

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • list and understand the main items on financial reports
  • understand the differences and similarities between financial reports and management accounting information
  • appreciate how financial information aids decision making
  • prepare basic financial statements
  • understand the concept of time value of money and how it relates to the preparation and interpretation of financial information.