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Dissertation MSc Finance


Module description

The dissertation requires you to apply the techniques and knowledge acquired from your taught course.

You must choose a suitable topic. Any subject that relates to material covered in the programme is fine, but it is generally sensible to stick to projects that contain a substantial element of statistical or numerical analysis. Theoretical projects are difficult, although previous students have successfully submitted dissertations of this type in the past. Purely institutional topics are not permitted.

Learning objectives

At the end of your dissertation, you should be able to:

  • show that you have a good knowledge of the relevant literature on your chosen topic
  • identify an interesting question associated with that topic and analyse this question either in a new way or with new data
  • demonstrate that you have a good grasp of techniques (statistical, numerical or theoretical) relevant for analysing the question
  • present the results of your analysis in a clear and convincing manner, within the word limit.