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Curating Culture


  • Credit value: 30 credits at Level 5
  • Convenor: to be confirmed
  • Assessment: a project proposal of 4000 words or equivalent (may contain diagrams and images)

Module description

Curating has become ubiquitous as a practice and a term. Once called editors, organisers, educators, directors or programmers, today those involved in the arrangement of cultural objects and activity are as likely to refer to themselves as curators. Perhaps in the world of social media we are all curators of our own photo galleries and identities. But what does it mean to ‘curate’ an exhibition or event, a publication or an online platform and what are we analysing when we pay attention to the curatorial?

In this module we will examine prevalent forms of organising, programming and curating within the arts and cultural sectors, to create awareness of the curatorial logics of current exhibitions and events. We will consider the types of narrative, connection and meaning that are created through curatorial practice and consider how these, in turn, produce and engage different audiences.

Drawing on this understanding, you will create your own curatorial proposal for an exhibition or event that critically and creatively engages with your chosen field of practice. Through discussions, talks and workshops, we will consider the interrelationship of the what, when, where, how and, most importantly, why of a curatorial proposition.