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Japanese 5


  • Credit value: 30 credits at Level 6
  • Convenor: Michael Tsang
  • Tutor: Noriko Inagaki
  • Assessment: vocabulary and grammar tests (15%), reception skills (15%), a writing composition (15%), a final examination including oral test (35%), a project paper of 2500 characters (15%) and class participation (5%)

Module description

Japanese 5 enables you to progress to a pre-advanced level of language proficiency, with an emphasis on developing your reading and listening skills. You will acquire experience in understanding audiovisual materials, like Japanese TV news and films, and sustaining complex conversations in social, cultural and business situations, using appropriate speech and politeness forms.

You will also develop your reading comprehension - including scanning, skimming and in-depth reading techniques - using original texts from a variety of sources and fields. With your knowledge of around 800 kanji characters, you will practise writing substantial reports and essays based on the texts read and discussed in class.