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Spanish 2


  • Credit value: 30 credits at Level 4
  • Convenor: Dr Mari-Paz Balibrea Enriquez
  • Assessment: two pieces of coursework (10%), a 40-60-minute in-class written assessment (20%), an in-class written and listening assessment (40%), an in-class oral presentation (20%), class participation (5%) and a portfolio (5%)

Module description

This 24-week module, leading to CEFR* B1 (Intermediate)/AS-level, will develop your ability to interact in Spanish in a wider range of everyday situations (i.e. recounting events in the past, expressing wishes, making conditions and offering advice), while gaining an increased awareness of everyday life and the diverse cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

You will be introduced to media in Spanish and, by the end of the module, you will be expected to understand the gist of news and other programmes in standard Spanish. The grammatical structures covered include the passive voice and passive constructions, the imperative and the subjunctive.

We will use a textbook supported by a wide range of authentic materials, which include video, audio, electronic and written documents. You will also develop your reading and writing skills.

* Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Please note: this is only an approximate equivalence.