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French 2


  • Credit value: 30 credits at Level 4
  • Convenor: Agnès Calatayud
  • Prerequisite: CEFR* A2 or equivalent
  • Assessment: two pieces of coursework (10%), an in-class written examination (20%), in-class written and listening comprehension (40%), in-class oral interview (20%), class participation (5%) and portfolio (5%)

Module description

This 24-week module is taught at CEFR* B1 (Intermediate)/upper AS level. It will give you intermediate-level listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in French, as well as improving your pronunciation and your cultural competence.

You will learn how to speak and write about: 

  • your personality
  • how you relate to family, friends and colleagues
  • your consumer habits
  • using the internet
  • studies and work experience
  • your role as a citizen
  • environmental issues.

You will also be introduced to:

  • French artists (painters, writers and designers) and their works
  • the education and justice systems
  • the Francophone world
  • French history
  • French media.

Each 2.5-hour class will be conducted in French from day one, using the textbooks Alter Ego 2+ and Alter Ego 3+.

* Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Please note: this is only an approximate equivalence.

Learning objectives

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • understand the main points of familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc.
  • deal with most situations likely to arise while travelling in an area where French is spoken
  • produce simple connected text on topics that are familiar or of personal interest
  • describe experiences and events, hopes, dreams and ambitions
  • briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.