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Japanese 3 (Level 4)


  • Credit value: 30 credits at Level 4
  • Convenor: Dr Michael Tsang
  • Assessment: vocabulary and grammar tests (15%), reception skills (20%), a writing composition (20%), a final examination including oral test (40%) and class participation (5%)

Module description

Japanese 3 aims to extend grammar learnt in Japanese 2, and introduces you to differing levels of language politeness. Your increased conversational skills will enable you to provide explanations, pass on messages, make recommendations and predictions, and confirm information.

With the approximately 400 kanji characters acquired by the end of this course, you will aim to read progressively complex sentence structures and compose messages connected with everyday personal and professional affairs.

Learning objectives

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • express yourself appropriately to complete a variety of tasks, for example, providing explanations, passing on messages, giving recommendations, predictions of future events/outcomes, confirmation information
  • demonstrate fluency in increasingly sustained conversational exchanges in everyday situations and on less complex social affairs
  • demonstrate awareness of politeness levels, and negotiate the basic structure of these levels with a limited range of vocabulary, expressions and grammar knowledge
  • comprehend various communicative exchanges in a range of social and work situations
  • understand the gist of some less complex media texts, for example, public announcements and adjusted radio extracts
  • understand the gist of a range of texts which you may encounter in everyday life and some work situations
  • extract necessary information from a wide range of less complicated and/or adjusted texts in various fields
  • formulate messages and express views connected with everyday life and some work situations, including, with an awareness of appropriate compositional coherence and/or structure, short essays or reports
  • read and write approximately 400 kanji.