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Urban Intersections Seminar Series

This seminar series brings together scholars, artists and practitioners from different backgrounds to promote transdisciplinary urban dialogues. In each series event, participants reflect and enter into conversations around a particular urban topic, speaking from, but also challenging, their own research and disciplinary perspectives.

The series stimulates conversations at the intersection of different disciplines, practices, spaces, media, and ways of seeing and understanding an urbanised (and urbanising) world.

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Andrea Ballatore is a Lecturer in GIS and Big Data Analytics in the School of Social Sciences at Birkbeck, University of London. His research interests include geographic data science and information geographies.

Mara Nogueira is a Lecturer in Urban Geography and Director of the MA/MSc Cities Programme at Birkbeck. She is interested on the cross-class politics of urban space production, urban informality and the (re)production of socio-spatial inequalities.

Scott Rodgers is Senior Lecturer in Media Theory in the School of Creative Arts, Culture and Communication. His current research focuses on the relationships between media, digitalisation and the making of contemporary urbanism and locality.

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