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Postgraduate Law Conference

Every year, postgraduate research students in Birkbeck's School of Law organise the Postgraduate Law Conference, to share their ideas and their research with their peers. A wide variety of topics are covered, making this a thought-provoking and engaging event. 

Current postgraduate research students in the School of Law can view the conference programmes for previous Postgraduate Law Conferences in Moodle and find out how to participate in this year's event (login to Moodle is required). 


Topics included migrants, the UK’s counter-terrorism strategy (Prevent), civil partnership and same-sex marriage legislation, public order, Marx, Hobbes and Foucault. 


Topics included property law, student resistance in Brazil, artificial wombs, family law, Kafka and refugees.


Topics included political theology, constitutional law, hate crime, organised crime in Japanese and banking supervision.


Topics included law and desire, copyright, drug prohibition, special purpose acquisition companies and security policy.


Topics included carers, international law, space law, deportations, motherhood and neo-colonialism.


Topics included critical legal concepts, migration, post-apartheid South Africa, the 2008 Russo-Georgian war, anti-terror laws and slavery.