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Law Research Seminar Series

This free lecture series, which is open to the public, welcomes scholars from around the world to discuss their latest research. For more information please contact the convenor, Dr Giulia Claudia Leonelli.

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13 January 2021 The Legal 'Readymade' and Other Terms of Art Manu Luksch (Artist in Residence at the School of Law, Birkbeck)

3 February 2021 What Is Wrong with Investment Arbitration? Evidence from a Set of Behavioural Experiments Dr Maria Laura Marceddu (King's College London, University of Edinburgh) and Dr Pietro Ortolani (Radboud University)

17 February 2021 Expulsion and 'Legal Otherness' in Times of Growing Nationalism Dr Kathrin Hamenstaedt (Brunel University)

3 March 2021 Critical Hate Studies in Theory and Praxis: Myth, Identity and Order Dr Jennifer Neller (Birkbeck, University of London)







  • November 2016: 'Law and Body Secrets: The Fantasy Structure of Genes and Brains' 
  • October 2016: 'Lives That Slide Out of View: Law and Poverty' 
  • March 2016: 'Violence and Spirituality: Cosmography Beyond Governmentality at the Turkish/Syrian Territorial Interface' 
  • February 2016: 'Feminist Literary Theory, Legal Texts: An Encounter' 
  • January 2016: 'Sovereignty Enisled' 


  • December 2015: 'Accusation and Expanding Crime-Control Networks; 
  • October 2015: 'Stop and Search: Drawing the Line Between Submission and Consent' 
  • September 2015: 'What the Police Saw?: The Camera, Domestic Violence and Viewing Interpersonal Violence' 
  • February 2015: 'Public Legal Education and Social Justice: Connecting University and Community' 


  • December 2014: 'The Ambivalent Subject of Criminal Law' 
  • November 2014: 'Academic Judgement and the Force of Law' 
  • October 2014: 'Urban Commons and Communities' 
  • January 2014: 'Offices, Dignities, Jurisdictions and Jurisprudences' 


  • October 2013: 'If We Know, Then We Must Fight: Legacies of 1970s Radical Criminology in the United States'