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Arts Week 2021

Week One: 3 May

Week TWO: 10 May

  • Woven encounters: Orientalism and fabrics from medieval to modern popular fiction
    A live conversation exploring English fantasies of ‘Eastern’ textiles from the 1290s to the 1920s with Birkbeck’s Pauline Suwanban and Eleanor Myerson.
  • Lesia Ukrainka: Subverting the Western Canon of Patriarchy
    Sasha Dovzhyk (Birkbeck) explains how fin-de-siècle Ukrainian poet Lesia Ukrainka dismantled the European canon of patriarchy in her treatment of the foundational myths of European culture.
  • A medieval thing a day: a guided virtual gallery
    Enjoy this series of mini podcasts, giving you insight into a delightful or strange medieval object by the people researching them.
  • Hannah Lowe in Conversation
    Poet and memoirist Hannah Lowe talks about her work with Birkbeck’s Julia Bell.
  • Building back better
    Leading freelance theatre makers from Freelancers Make Theatre Work discuss the challenges faced by the theatre's workforce.
  • DREAM STONES: A creative writing workshop
    A story-making workshop with poet and artist Sophie Herxheimer and writer Marina Warner, drawing on memories and imagination.
  • Exploring the Family through Comparative Literature
    Join Joanne Leal and Ann Lewis (Birkbeck) for a discussion of family connections - and complications. Starting in the eighteenth century and ending in our own we will trace the family across time, place and medium from Goethe’s Werther in the eighteenth century, via Rousseau’s Julie to Tom Lehr’s recent September: Fata Morgana.
  • Interactive narrative workshop with Alan Trotter and Mark Blacklock
    What is interactive digital narrative and what tools are available to writers? A two-part workshop.
  • The Politic Art of Subtitling
    Storyteller Wafa’ Tarnowska discusses translating the original footage of the multi award-winning film For Sama (2019) from Arabic to English with a panel chaired by Birkbeck’s Marina Warner.
  • Invisible Ink
    Interactive online life drawing event and panel discussion of new digital project Invisible Ink exploring isolation and alienation, inspired by film noir.

Week Three: 17 May

  • Radioastronomy (here comes the Sun)
    ‘Radioastronomy (here comes the Sun)’ invites you to contribute to a new digital piece on our nearest star – the Sun.
  • Theatre Scratch Night
    A rich collection of new short-form sound and video works from students in Birkbeck's School of Arts, encompassing terrific solo pieces, adaptations, and audio performances.
  • Missing London
    Have you been Missing London? We have and in our minipedia we count some of the ways and things – from ice and excuses to mice and museums. A digital copy is also available.
  • Lupi Lupi Lu
    Peter Fifield (Birkbeck) reflects on a five minute musical film about lupus and diagnosis by Adam Castle.
  • Muslim Representation on Screen with UK Muslim Film and the Riz Test
    Daragh Carville (Birkbeck), Sajid Varda (UK Muslim Film) and Shaf Choudry (The Riz Test) will be exploring issues around Muslim representation in UK.
  • Jews, the Reformation and Making Europe
    Helen Parish (Reading) and Professor Anthony Bale (Birkbeck) discuss The Jews and the Reformation (2020) with the author Kenneth Austin.
  • Writing, Rights and Literature
    Lyndsey Stonebridge (University of Birmingham) and Julia Bell (Birkbeck) join Agnes Woolley to discuss the need for literary communities, political truth telling, and the relationship between writing and rights.
  • Circles of Hell
    Live-streamed from Sitges, Barcelona, in association with Museus de Sitges, Theatre North presents a new solo performance piece based on Salvador Dali’s paintings of Dante’s Inferno.
  • Malik Nashad Sharpe In Conversation
    Performer and choreographer Malik Nashad Sharpe shares their new video work, commissioned by OSUN Center for Human Rights and the Arts at Bard College. In conversation with Fintan Walsh.
  • Mending the Psyche: Art as Reparation
    Creating art through loss – a discussion of the reparative force of creativity on the mourning body.
  • Burning Light Into That Good Night
    A single-screen moving image based on a memory session recorded in the summer 2019 by artist Alda Terracciano with her father, a few weeks before his death.
  • Mobilising Memory through Mixed Reality
    Silke Arnold de Simine (Birkbeck) and Diana Diana Popescu (Birkbeck) discuss the uses of digital and immersive technologies.
  • Pandemic spaces: a workshop
    Live workshop with architectural historians Leslie Topp and Miloš Kosec (Birkbeck), building on their Pandemic Spaces video conversations.
  • Belarus Free Theatre's Burning Doors
    A screening and Q&A about Belarus Free Theatre’s film Burning Doors, drawn from the real-life stories of Petr Pavlensky, Oleg Sentsov and Maria Alyokhina.
  • Interactive narrative workshop with Alan Trotter and Mark Blacklock
    Feedback on draft piece made by participants in the first workshop on 13 May.
  • Conceal/Reveal: pop-up festival of lockdown essay films
    Jarman Lab presents seven short essayistic film works made in the year when much creative activity reverted to the pre-social stage of human endeavour: working in solitude at home.
  • MIRLive - Arts Week Special
    Emerging poets and storytellers share their new work.
  • What did I do with my arts degree
    Are you wondering what kind of career your Arts degree may lead to? Meet some of our former students and find out how their degrees opened up new opportunities for them.