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Volunteering opportunities

You can continue to support the College and help our students thrive by volunteering with us. Your knowledge, experience, expertise, support and time are invaluable in helping us promote Birkbeck's unique mission, recruit new students and improve the experience of current students. Volunteering also helps you remain a part of the Birkbeck community, stay involved in the life of the College and even develop new skills and make new friends.


Get Talking

  • For the traditional student, university may be an obvious next step, but for Birkbeck students, education is a hard-earned and much-considered choice. Hearing from a Birkbeck graduate, who can help answer questions and ease concerns about studying, can give prospective students the confidence they need to start their course. 
  • Get Talking is a chance for you to meet with a prospective Birkbeck student who is applying to the College and support them in exploring the opportunities Birkbeck can present. 
  • 75% of students who receive this support go on to enrol at Birkbeck. 

Global Buddies

  • International students often face additional challenges when starting their course, from homesickness and new cultures to navigating London and feeling confident in speaking conversational English. 
  • Giving your time to help an international student settle in during their first term can make a significant difference in ensuring they have the confidence they need to succeed in life and study in the UK. 

Careers Clinic

  • Help Birkbeck students take the next step in their career or transition into a new industry by providing one-to-one careers support to improve their CVs, job applications and interview skills.
  • Our Careers and Employability team provide training and guidance to help you best support students advance in their career. 

Former Student Governor 

  • If you are a graduate of Birkbeck, you can nominate yourself as a Former Student Governor of the College. Elections are held every two years and the Former Student Governor is elected from among Birkbeck alumni. 
  • Once elected, the Former Student Governor becomes part of the Governing Body, which is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the College. 
  • The Governing Body consists of 21 Governors: two Ex-Officio Governors (the Master and the Vice-Master); two Governors representing Academic Board; two representative Academic Staff (one representing Non-Teaching Staff); two Governors; one Alumnus Governor (the Former Student Governor); and eleven Independent Governors. 

If you would like to get involved or would like more information on any of the above, please contact us. We would also love to hear from you if you have suggestions for future programmes.