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Groups and networks

Completing your course at Birkbeck does not mean that you have to say goodbye. You can stay in touch with old friends and meet new ones by joining a professional or subject network. We also have active alumni ambassadors in countries around the world.

Birkbeck networks

International Alumni ambassadors

Birkbeck Counselling Association

Birkbeck Financial Engineering Society

Birkbeck Alumni LinkedIn

External networks

London Art History Society (affiliated to Birkbeck History of Art Society)

  • The London Art History Society is affiliated to the Birkbeck History of Art Society and is for those who wish to widen their knowledge of the subject.

London International Development Centre 

  • The London International Development Centre brings together social and natural scientists from across the University of London's six Bloomsbury colleges to facilitate interdisciplinary research and training to tackle complex problems in international development. 

University of London Extra-mural Literature Association