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Schools and FE Colleges

Birkbeck works with a variety of schools and colleges to support their learners at all stages of their university journey. Regardless of what level they are studying at, our resources and advice help learners decide whether university is right for them as well as guide them through the application process.

If you are a teacher or advisor in a school or further education college, you will be able to find more information on this page about the ways we can work with you and your learners.

Online resources for learners

We have created an open access, free to use YouTube playlist with videos geared towards supporting learners in making a decision about university.

The videos cover all stages of the university application process, from deciding whether or not to go to making the most of their studies. Learners can access this at any time that is convenient for them. 

Our Get Started playlist provides more general support to all university applicants, including videos on how to apply for Birkbeck and the student finance options available to students.

Live sessions for learners

In addition to our pre-recorded material, Birkbeck can offer both live sessions online and face-to-face sessions for schools and colleges. 

We currently offer these on the following topics: Writing a Personal Statement, Note Taking, Critical Thinking and Building Resilience.

 if you would like to request a session for your institution.

Resources for teachers and staff

At Birkbeck we are always looking to work with staff at schools and colleges to help them support their learners in their HE journey. 

If you would like to request a workshop or some bespoke resources for your institution, please .