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Obituary: William S Bullough

Professor and Head of the Department of Zoology

William S Bullough was Professor and Head of the Zoology Department at Birkbeck for 29 years. After taking his first degree and doctorate at the University of Leeds, he began his academic career there as a lecturer in Zoology in 1937.

In 1944 he moved to McGill University, Montreal, for two years where he taught invertebrate zoology, which led to his first book, Practical Invertebrate Anatomy.

On his return to Britain he was appointed Sorby Fellow of the Royal Society for five years, during which he published Vertebrate Sexual Cycles. He was then a Research Fellow of the British Empire Cancer Campaign for two years before joining Birkbeck. Further books and numerous scientific publications followed, on vertebrate reproductive cycles, hormones, mitosis and chalones, establishing his world-wide reputation for scientific excellence.

Professor Bullough was also a gifted teacher: he took his work and enthusiasm to a wider audience with television programmes. He is survived by a son, daughter and their families.