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Birkbeck student surveys and feedback

While you are a student at Birkbeck, you are not only learning from us, but we hope to learn from you. While you develop your knowledge and understanding, we benefit from your critical approach and your engagement as an active member of the College. One way of doing this is by participating in the research we carry out to improve the student experience.  Just as we aim to provide the best possible research-led teaching, we also undertake research about your experiences to help us learn how we can make things even better for you and your fellow students.

To do this, we occasionally ask our students to complete surveys and evaluations about their experiences at Birkbeck. This helps us to understand better from you what we need to change and improve.  Participating in the surveys and evaluation enables you to engage actively with the College and to exercise your critical and constructive judgement for everyone’s benefit

The main surveys and evaluation that you will be asked to complete are:

  • Module evaluation: At the end of each module you will be asked to evaluate the module. We also ask volunteers to act as class representatives on each of our degree programmes. Each department has Student-Staff exchange meetings where students and class representatives are invited to provide feedback on the modules and on their study experience.
  • The Student Success Survey is an important academic research project to help us better understand the factors that impact on student success. UG and PG degree students will be asked to complete the Student Success Survey at different times throughout the year.
  • BSS: A survey we conduct with undergraduate students not in their final year (Spring term).
  • PTES/PRES: A national survey for taught (PTES) and PRES (research) postgraduate students in order to receive feedback on students’ experiences at Birkbeck. (Spring term)
  • National Student Survey: A national survey that every final year undergraduate in the UK is invited to complete with results being used to rank how well each university in the UK is performing (Spring term).

The information and videos below set out specific changes that we have implemented thanks to your feedback.