You said: The College could offer better services to support your experience

  • You said that the library did not have enough study spaces. We have added seating in the group study area and mezzanine and we have created over 50 additional study spaces by refurbishing the fourth floor.
  • After the successful opening of the group study area in 2016, you commented that although you liked the new space, you also wanted to have other types of spaces in the library, in particular silent study spaces. We have refurbished the fourth floor to create a different silent study space with individual desks with partitions and six individual study booths.
  • You said that you wanted to be able to print from a USB stick and scan to email. We have enabled our new printers (MFDs) to do that.
  • You often commented that the staplers available to you in the library break down. We have enabled the new printers so that documents that you print or photocopy can be automatically stapled.
  • You said that you sometimes regretted not being able to access all of our services at weekends and in the evening. We have now fully-trained staff throughout our opening hours.