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IT Services


You said: You wanted better PCs in the Library and in teaching rooms

  • We’ve removed the older Library computers and replaced them with faster PCs running Windows 10.
  • We are upgrading all teaching rooms to Windows 10 and replacing older PCs. We hope to complete these upgrades by Easter.

You said: Online study and learning was important to you

  • We’ve improved the look and feel of Moodle and renewed our licence for LinkedIn Learning, which is available to all students. We are setting up a new Digital Education team within IT Services who will be concentrating on developing and supporting digital education, including Moodle.

You said: It isn’t straightforward to top up your print account online

  • We have improved the online payment page and lowered the minimum top-up charge for printing from £2.50 to £1.

You said: Update Adobe Software and make it more generally available

  • We’ve updated Adobe Creative Cloud to the latest version and it is now also available in Malet Street rooms 536 and 458.

You said: The IT Service Desk was important - but we are often busy in the early evening

  • We are restructuring our User Services team, including recruiting more staff to work in the evening to prioritise that time of day.