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School of Arts research student funding

The School of Arts provides funding to enable current MPhil/PhD students to undertake a range of activities related to their study and research. 


  • We have a limited fund to cover expenses of up to £300 for MPhil/PhD research students who are presenting a paper at a conference. 
  • You can make one application each academic year and, if approved, you claim back your expenses. 
  • How to apply
  • When to apply
    • before the conference, which must take place before the summer (ie the end of July 2020). 


  • We have a limited fund for extraordinary MPhil/PhD research expenses of up to £150. 
  • The expenses must be: 
    • crucial to the successful completion of your research project 
    • unforeseen at the outset of your research project 
    • extraordinary, such as travel to a unique archive or translation costs. Ordinary expenses, like books, word-processing and binding, are not covered. 
  • How to apply
    • contact Dr Joseph Brooker with a detailed breakdown of the expenses before they are incurred 
    • your supervisor must contact Dr Joseph Brooker to confirm that the expenses are crucial to your research project. 

London Art History Society Research Fund

  • The London Art History Society, which is affiliated to Birkbeck's History of Art Society, will cover research-related expenses, such as travel, accommodation, photography and photocopying, for current MA and MPhil/PhD History of Art students. 
  • MA students can apply for up to £150. 
  • MPhil/PhD students can apply for up to £300. 
  • How to apply: If you are enrolled in an eligible programme, you will be invited to apply to the fund, usually in the second term (Spring).
  • You need to submit a rationale for, and a full breakdown of, your expenses in 300 words or fewer before incurring the expenses. If your application is successful, you submit your receipts after spending the money and we will reimburse you.
  • Closing date: The fund is limited and allocated on a first-come-first-served basis until the yearly allowance runs out. The scheme will then open again in following academic year.


  • Where possible, we cover the costs of school-wide activities by MPhil/PhD research students, including publicity, catering, computer resources, training events, and so on.  
  • All funded events must be open to all research students in the School of Arts. 
  • How to apply