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Our visual ID, logo and publicity guidelines

Birkbeck’s visual identity is designed to promote the College’s unique offering, and to be flexible enough to cover all our channels of communication, through print, video, the web and social media. Crucially, it gives Birkbeck a clear identity in the face of ever-increasing competition in the sector.

Key to the visual identity is a strong set of colours which brings together the different strands of Birkbeck communications, including the different schools and centres that make up the College. On this page you’ll find information on how to use the visual identity, and how to access a range of tools set up to simplify the process of producing any materials.

After reading the information below, if you have any queries about the visual identity, its elements, or how to use them, please raise an ASK query within My Birkbeck and fill in our design request form.

Please try to demonstrate gender balance in the images you use - don't allow images of one gender to proliferate at the expense of another.


  • The Birkbeck logo remains largely unchanged; the colours of the elements within the crest have been reversed in order to give more emphasis to the owl and the lamps that are symbolic of Birkbeck’s 200-year-old mission. The burgundy colour has been darkened so that it sits more comfortably with the range of colours within our new palette (see section below). While there is a black version of the logo, you should always use the burgundy logo wherever possible.
  • The logo should never be amended, or added to in any way; it should always be used at its original proportion, and never squashed to fit space.

Social media icons

  • Icons for use across all social media platforms feature the Birkbeck owl against one of the colours from our palette - you are entirely free to choose which colour you use:
    • orange
    • pink
    • purple
    • mint.
  • If you’d like to have a set of logos with your department or school title overlaid, please complete the request form.


  • In addition to the burgundy (PMS209) used for the logo, and black, the visual identity uses a set of 10 secondary colours, ranging from darker, sober colours to brighter, more vibrant tones. When creating work, any one of these colours can be used according to the nature of the project.


  • Birkbeck’s fonts are Founders Condensed Bold, a bold font, which should be used for headings; and Baskerville 10 Pro, a serif font which should be used for subheadings and body text. All users based in Birkbeck’s professional services should already have these fonts installed on their profile. If not, or if you work in one of the schools, please contact IT Services and ask to have the fonts installed.

printing services and stationery 


Leaflets and posters

  • There are some simple online templates available which enable to you create and print DL (99mm x 210mm), A5 and A6 leaflets; and A3 posters. To set up an account to use these templates, please email
  • All other print work should be requested by raising an ASK query within My Birkbeck and filling in our design request form.
  • When putting together a brief for printed work, you should consider:
    • Who is my audience?
    • What’s the purpose of the material?
    • What do I want the recipient to do next?
    • What’s the budget for this project?
  • This important information should be included as part of your request for work, along with the cost code you need to charge for the work.


  • If you’d like to create a video or a series of videos, please get in touch with the Communications team to share your ideas. We can help you plan and implement your project, and optimise your opportunities for promotion.
  • There are intro and outro elements available in Birkbeck’s visual identity, and templates for captions. Pleasto request the video identity pack.