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Sociology MPhil/PhD

The School of Social Science, History and Philosophy supports research projects in sociology. Sociologically-oriented research takes place within and across a number of the School’s six departments, particularly, but not exclusively, Psychosocial Studies and Geography. Sociological research takes a wide variety of forms depending on topic, and is frequently interdisciplinary in focus, but the common thread is a distinctively sociological perspective. Research students benefit, not only from the advisory insight of leading academics, but also from a wider culture of support and advice from staff and other students undertaking social research.

The Birkbeck Institute for Social Research (BISR) is a considerable resource, and provides a focus for social research, not only within the School, but across Birkbeck as a whole. It is a hub for the dissemination and discussion of critical and socially-engaged social science in London and beyond. The Birkbeck Graduate Seminar, run by BISR, brings together PhD students working on empirical social research theses and aims to support and enhance the supervision students receive.

Potential Supervisors for Sociology MPhil/PhD

Department of Psychosocial Studies

Lisa Baraitser

Claire Callender

Stephen Frosh

Andrew Fugard

Elizabeth Hoult

Amber Jacobs

Gail Lewis

Yasmeen Narayan

Margarita Palacios

Silvia Posocco

Sasha Roseneil

Lynne Segal

Bruna Seu

Miriam Zukas

Department of Geography

William Ackah

Kezia Barker

Rosie Cox

Maurizio Gibin

Jasmine Gideon

Kate Maclean

Shino Shiode

Isobel Tomlinson

Penny Vera-Sanso

Paul Watt

Karen Wells

Department of Film, Media and Cultural Studies

Tim Markham

Scott Rodgers

Department of Politics

Samantha Ashenden