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The UCL, Bloomsbury and East London Doctoral Training Partnership


The School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy is delighted to announce its participation in the ESRC-funded UCL, Bloomsbury and East London Doctoral Training Partnership.

Fully-funded ESRC research studentships are available through the DTP and we are seeking applicants for the first cohort of students in the following areas:

Archaeology and Heritage Studies

Excellent research in disciplines including Archaeological Practice, Cultural Heritage Studies, Heritage Studies, Public Archaeology, Heritage Science and  Sustainable Heritage.

Economic and Social History

Focusing on the relationship between society, the economy and power, state formation and emergent fields such as educational history, healthcare, environmental history and technology and material/consumer culture.

Gender and Sexuality

Expertise in the areas of gender and: international development, psychosocial studies and sociology, law, media and cultural studies, and sexuality and history.

Human Geography

Birkbeck offers particular expertise in critical human geography and environmental geography.  Birkbeck will be involved in collaborative projects in this area.


With an emphasis on interdisciplinary methods, we seek to understand the nature and functions of language and communication in real-life contexts through rigorous, critical examination.

Politics and International Relations

Students to follow their research interests in a pathway with a distinctive emphasis determined by focus and methodological approach.

Psychosocial Studies

An interdisciplinary field drawing on critical frameworks to study the interconnections between individual subjectivities, group identities, and historical and contemporary social and political formations.


A range of sociological perspectives and emphasising interdisciplinarity, with wide thematic reach; innovative and rigorous methodologies; a global outlook; and a commitment to ‘critical’, theory-building research.