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Birkbeck will receive €2.8 million, of a total grant of €115 million, to lead on research relating to infants in trials which will increase understanding of autism and help develop new therapies.

18 June 2018

Professor Ted Melhuish of the Department of Psychological Sciences presented evidence to MPs on the Education Committee.

15 June 2018

A £100,000 award from Santander will fund two significant projects to promote, develop and understand entrepreneurship.

13 June 2018

Running from 18-21 June, Birkbeck Science Week will explore the research taking place at the College.

12 June 2018

A study of 98 typically developing children showed that those who cradle dolls on the left side show higher social cognitive abilities than those who do not, indicating the importance of the left cradling bias in children’s social development.

04 June 2018

Birkbeck doctoral students competed in annual contest with Keith Jarrett taking the overall £500 prize.

24 May 2018

New research from Birkbeck questions the influence of climate change on human evolution.

14 May 2018

The findings suggest that the harmful aggregates associated with Huntington’s disease emerge from a form which could be reversible. This could have major implications for slowing or preventing disease progression in the future.

11 May 2018

Research by Birkbeck and Uppsala University, Sweden, shows a strong pupil response to light could be an early marker of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

08 May 2018

The funds raised will go towards buying equipment for Birkbeck’s new ToddlerLab and enable research into developmental conditions like autism and ADHD.

01 May 2018

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