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Survey Promotion

Prize draws are incentives are offered with each survey, and, at a College level, External Relations work closely with Registry on a wide ranging promotional campaign during the surveys (see college promotion schedule below). A new student surveys area has been developed on the Birkbeck website, where students can find out about each of the surveys and what actions are being taken as a result of their feedback.

Evidence from other HEIs shows that encouragement directly from academic departments and lecturers is the most effective as they are a trusted source of information and students are more likely to take part if encouraged to do so by them. Here are some ideas to help you communicate the survey to your students:

  • Email eligible students directly - ASQ can supply you with lists of students
  • Ask lecturers to tell students about the surveys in classes.
  • Include information the surveys in administrative communications to eligible students.
  • For the NSS, use the response rate reports to identify problem areas and opportunities:
  • Registry email reports on current NSS response rates by subject area (not level of study) to Heads of Department, Executive Deans, School Managers, PVM Learning and Teaching
  • We recommend that you target subject groups with response rates that are below the college average, and prioritise subjects with large numbers of students in the same class as these can be targeted in a single lecture.

Good practice in survey promotion of previous years have included:

  • The Head of Department encouraging students to complete the surveys through the Departmental blog.
  • Administrators attending big final-year lectures with iPads, encouraging students to fill in the NSS then and there.
  • Lecturers recording videos in which they explain the value and importance of satisfaction surveys, and encourage students to fill them in.
  • Administrators talking about the NSS to final-year students directly, as they are handing in their final-year projects and dissertations.

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